I see me…through the eyes of others

My friend Micky Hoogendijk has a vibrant spirit which shines through her photography.  I once saw her art work grace the dining room at an open house in one of my favorite 1920’s Old Hollywood Spanish style listings near the Chateau Marmont.  Art truly adds to the personality of a well put-together home.  It’s that extra element that demonstrates confidence and style that in turn makes it memorable.

The other night I went to a book signing and art viewing party at The Pacific Design Center featuring this well talented artist. The party was buzzing with enthusiasm.  Here’s a snap shot of some of the stand-outs:

At The Pacific Design Center the other night you presented your wonderful book.  What was the inspiration behind it?
My first large museum solo in The Netherlands last April. More than 65 photographic art pieces in four huge museum rooms. I wanted to make something people could take home after visiting the exhibition. I dedicated the book to my mother. She’s the one who inspired my whole new career after giving me a camera a month before she past away only eight years ago. She’s to blame for all this!

How has your journey been?
It’s been like surfing the perfect wave. It all came out so organically. I only had to be open and follow what life was bringing me. I love it when things flow. This year, only four years into being a professional at this I have three large museum exhibitions. Two in The Netherlands and one in Tijuana Mexico at CEART, opening this October 6th. I always say, onward and forward. It takes work ethic to do all this by myself. I travel so much for all these exhibitions that it’s now hard to find the time to just be still and work on my artist state of mind. Luckily all my work comes from encounters with people and then dreaming about them. So lot’s of traveling and a good rest is all I need.

What was your most memorable reaction that you have received from your artwork?
Some people visiting the museum would get very emotional and even cry. They had such a beautiful deep response to my work. I had to give out some hugs to comfort them. That was very special.
On a personal note I realized what the work means to me. A journey to learn more about who I am and where I come from.

What direction are you going?
My new work is a whole series called “The Nudes”. I’ll release it in 2018 here in the US and in The Netherlands. It’s an ode to the Garden of Paradise where we start the story of us human beings. Naked in all our vulnerability… As you know by now, my absolute favorite thing about us people, is being vulnerable, because that is where we become so beautiful and powerful.

Order her book here.

The book explains my work method and creative inspiration. It contains 148 pages with my photographic art work from the past four years, an introduction by my Dutch Gallery Eduard Planting, an essay by photo-critique Pim Milo and some loving quotes by renounced photographer Terry O’Neill, author Robert Greene and fashion designer Stephen MacMillian Moser.

For more information on Micky and to view her lovely artwork, check out her website.

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