The Secrets to Success!

The other day I attended a conference on success in Beverly Hills which featured some of the top local realtors. With the advent of reality t.v. some of these guys are seen as rock stars in their respective field.

Aaron Kirman, James Harris, David Parnes, Josh & Matt Altman, Madison Hildebrand, Sandro Dazzan

I did see some recurring themes that anyone could draw from no matter what your profession. Here are some tips to on how to get and stay rich:

1) Do what you love. Becoming an expert in your field will be a lot easier if you are interested in the topic and eager to learn more about it. Passion is infectious. Clients will feel it for sure.

2) Learn from the best. Surround yourself with people who you respect and admire. Find out what your successful peers are doing and how they became successful. If you have the fortune of working with them, listen, learn and adopt some tips to help you get ahead.

3) Find a niche. Are you an expert on high rise condos, luxury properties, or maybe a certain area? If so, embrace it and market your strengths. Find your niche, fill it and stay with it. Consistency is the key.

4) Get a Dream Team. Find a team that assists you with the details so you can concentrate on those things that you do best to make you money. Don’t be afraid to delegate. Invoices piling up? Have someone else input them in a system and send you periodic net sheets. Make sure that your team reflects “you” in a positive light. Would you want to have dinner with them? A team will take you to the next level ONLY if you train them well. Don’t be afraid loose any dead weight.

5) Insist on having a balanced life. If the proper systems are in place, there is no reason why you can’t pen in that vacation. For instance, plan out an ad campaign in the beginning of the year so it goes out each month automatically. Oversee and be in charge of your business. Life goes by quickly, so enjoy every minute. Clients want to be around positive interesting people, so make sure you keep this item high on your list.

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photo credit: Laura Pardini

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