Tis’ The Season of Giving

It’s that time again, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your toes……Every year around this time we tend to spend time reflecting on the past, hoping for the future, and with creating memories with loved ones. However as great as all of that sounds, I can speak from experience that sometimes the holidays can be the most stressful time of the year. Especially when it comes to my favorite part- buying and giving presents.
Trying to find and deliver that perfect gift to everyone BEFORE Hollywood shuts down for the two weeks around the holidays can be quite a feat. Especially if it includes finding the perfect gift not just for our loved ones, but also, the ones that have helped our careers over the past year. Most likely, whether you got your dream job or not, your agent or manager was submitting you for work.
And, let’s not forget about your pals in casting. Some of those networking events got your foot in the door and even a cheerleader in your career corner. With all the good that happened in the past year, whether explosive to our career or not, deserves to be recognized. So how about this- at this time of year, instead of giving gifts to be polite lets try and be human. Let’ appreciate one another and acknowledge any and all work anyone did do on our behalf. While you are appreciating others, go ahead and appreciate yourself. Appreciate the guts it takes to go into and stay in this business. Appreciate any progress you made.
In the spirit of giving, here is some advice for my holiday DO’s and DONT’S:

DO send at least a holiday card to people you have networked with and/or professionally worked with in the past year. Everyone likes to be remembered and acknowledged around the holidays. If you can do this more than once a year everybody will love you.

DO send your representation a gift. The gift doesn’t have to break the bank. Think thoughtful over pricey. Sometimes the best gifts received are the ones with the personal touches- not the courtest of how stuff works, 2006 Publications International , Lts.ones with the designer labels.

DO spend time with family and friends- AND ENJOY IT. As crazy as this industry is, at least it gives everyone a two week period at the end of/beginning of the year  to regroup and spend time with loved ones.

DON’T look back on the year with regret of anything that didn’t get done and accomplished. The past is the past and cannot be changed. Instead, give yourself credit for the effort and make a plan to execute/finish a project this year. The future can always change so if you don’t like something – change it.

DON’T contact your representation or networking friends on or the day before a holiday for something that can wait. It is rude and shows a lack of respect for the other person’s time. Also, you need a break as well- take the time!

DON’T forget to watch all of the amazing holiday movies and shows that come on once a year. It is a special treat to see these great works of art.

Enjoy the magic this holiday season brings no matter what other stresses or frustrations are happening in your life. Remember, you have already been given the greatest gift of all- to pursue your passion. Whether you are just beginning your journey or right smack in the middle of it, be grateful and appreciative of the courage it took to partake in the adventure that is your career!

“Every gift which is given, even though is be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection.

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