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By: Jennifer Culp – Interior Designer

Contributor’s website: JC Design Studios

The other day someone asked me in an interview what my design style is.  You think I would be prepared for this question but it seems to perplex me every time.  What in fact IS my design style?  And do I even have one?  I realized that I am a fly by the cuff designer who happens to think that most fabrics can go together and any style can be cool if it’s done right.  So in doing some design soul searching I came to the conclusion that the principals of Scandinavian design are most dear to my heart, and have guided me throughout my career.   I use Scandinavian design more as a philosophy that to me means clean simple lines, everyday functionality and quality workmanship.  I also equate it with unpretentiousness, relaxed, casual and organic environments.  There is a realness to Scandinavian design that I try to keep present in all my projects.

Here are some typical Scandinavian ideas that seem to always work…

Natural textures… can never get enough of this!  The washed woods with rugs and textiles in the Shelter Island beach home are stunning.

Light and airy is the theme in this Vermont cottage.

The open shelving in this Kitchen creates a relaxed atmosphere as well

The furniture is simple, but we find layers of texture in the pillows

Splashes of color can create an interesting atmosphere and depth. Blues are used frequently in Scandinavian design and are very calming

I am also a big fan of the industrial side to Scandinavian design. If mixed properly in a room these elements can an unexpected surprise.

Also don’t forget Scandinavian products! They are known for their ceramics which are to die for. Simple, organic and functional.

These treasures are from a store called Scandinavian Made

Check out their studio in Denmark… amazing

Design Tip:
Don’t feel pressured to have a particular style when decorating, but it is nice to have some design philosophies that you adhere to which can guide you through the sometimes arduous process. For me I am drawn to the principles of Scandinavian design which have become the backbone of my design process. Find a style for you and then build on it and vary it, you will feel much more anchored.

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Contributor’s website: JC Design Studios

Images: JC Design StudiosImages: House Beautiful; Scandinavian Chic Blog; Stylizimo Blog; Scandinavian Made

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