“Right-Sizing” is the New Down-Sizing

I recently read an article from our Compass Chief Evangelist; Leonard Steinberg,  involving how down-sizing’s negative connotation has been replaced with a more positive term: Right-Sizing.  He had indicated that several wealthier clients were selling their very large homes and buying two smaller ones in different states and climate zones.  Clients are viewing this new phase as more of a celebration into a more simpler more manageable lifestyle.

I personally love the term “right-sizing”.  I recently moved again (number 15 in 17.5 years) and found myself shedding clothes, furniture and items that didn’t necessarily fit in the new place or my current image.  I was determined to get organized and loose those items that just took up space – that is how I incorporated right-sizing  into my existing living situation.  Just in the midst of this process I came across the KonMari method of organizing.  As a result of applying her techniques, our home is extremely organized and has a very relaxed vibe.  As you go through the process, the question you ask yourself when you are determining whether to get rid of an item is: Does it bring me joy?  I guess that can be applied to people in your life too!  Here’s a video on the process:

When you’re ready to “Right-Size”, there’s some important things to consider. Getting properties ready for sale typically has it’s challenges, but in the hands of the right realtor, things get remarkably much easier!  When I get homes prepared in Norcal, my team includes; Mickey Greer; stager/designer extraordinaire.  I asked Mickey to impart some words of wisdom about this process.

How do you handle a client who wants to Right-Size? 

MICKEY: Here is my advice to help prepare the client for a more carefree future: I tell them that the less stuff you have around you, the better you will feel. Also, grown children often don’t appreciate the upsizing that comes with their parents’ downsizing. That is because the new generation is into a more Zen-like experience of life.  Clients who want to downsize should start the process by getting rid of all unnecessary paperwork.  In addition, keep in mind that children don’t usually want boxes of family memorabilia.  Check out this old table updated with the right accents: new chairs, a sisal rug and a fresh flower arrangement. Heavy, dark antique furniture has lost its former appeal. Find a clever way to repurpose it.  

Right-sizing can be a liberating experience.  Whether it’s helping people transition from a larger home to smaller ones, or preparing homes for sale and editing what other people may consider clutter, the goal is the same – provide a peaceful environment.  Life has many phases to it – as Leonard would say: “Each one should be celebrated and enjoyed thoroughly.”  A calm and relaxed home  makes people want to stay awhile.  What brings you joy?

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photo credits: Interior Winter photo: www.jayjeffers.com, Carbon Beach bedroom photo: AD, dining room: www.mickeygreer.com

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