Return of the Brooch

The use of brooches has been traced back to the Bronze Age (3300 – 1200 B.C.), when the primary use was to fasten clothing.  Through the centuries brooches have evolved from functional to the decorative embellishments we know today.  They have been around so long that they have never been truly considered out of fashion, but they are currently seeing a resurgence in popularity.  Many designers have been incorporating brooches into their runway looks of late, breathing new life into an age old accessory.

Although they were part of my wardrobe in the past, I had all but forgotten about brooches until recently.  I began to notice many of the style bloggers that I follow incorporating brooches into their looks, and was encouraged to resurrect my old brooches and check in with my mom, who happens to be an avid thrift shopper and brooch enthusiast.  Her bevy of brooches did not disappoint.  We have had lots of fun sifting through her finds.

Brooches are a great way to communicate something about yourself before you’ve said a word.  They can reflect your hobbies, beliefs, or style.   In my early 20s I wore brooches that were reflective of the woman I wanted to be.  My brooches all depicted a stylish woman traveling, shopping, or just being fabulous.  While I still love those, I’m ready for something else.  The brooches Mom has thrifted and collected are a beautiful menagerie of  goldtones, rhinestones, and colored jewels, that are abstract designs, or depictions of common objects, animals, and insects.  I was like a kid in a candy store going through all the options.

Lately, I have been incorporating Mom’s finds into my looks, inspired by the runway and the bloggers.  Some of  my favorite brooch stylings are:


The brooch cluster creates a beautiful scene on an otherwise plain or simple garment, and elevates the styling.


Jacket Embellishment

You can change the whole vibe of a denim jacket by adding a few brooches.  Take a denim jacket from casual to downright fancy!

IG: @fayedelanty

Brooches everywhere!!!

They say less is more, but sometimes more is more.  This look is fun and allows for your creativity to shine through.

Styling by @fayedelanty

Not everyone has a personal thrift shopper like I do (thanks Mom), or is into thrifting for themselves; and there are many retail options available.  I found these awesome brooches that are just a click away:

I recently purchased the initial brooches from QVC:

If you’re looking for something a little more upscale both Gucci and Chanel have beautiful logo brooches:

Brooches aren’t just for the ladies either, there are some fashion forward men incorporating the wardrobe decorations into their look as well.


Whatever your style, I am certain there is a brooch or several out there for you that you can add to update or elevate your looks.    I’m going to warn you though, once you start you may become obsessed.

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