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As restaurateurs, we are constantly exposed to the best foods and the finest dining the world has to offer. When owning multiple restaurants across the country that cover a variety of delicious food, we always have to be familiar with the latest, most popular, and hottest assortment of fine dining experiences nationally and internationally. Although we love the delicious and heartwarming food from our city in Colorado, we are going to share with you our favorite restaurants across the nation. 

When visiting New York, it’s a must to hit up every food spot that we can. The cuisine of New York City encompasses many eateries that are well representative of the ethnic diversity in the city. Our favorite place to visit is the historic Cipriani located in the heart of SoHo. The more casual version of Harry Cipriani offers Harry’s 1931 bar classics and heart-warming Italian specialties. The restaurant offers a gorgeous outdoor setting but emphasizes the interior with showcasing the wide array of beautiful art pieces on their high-ceiling walls. Our favorite dish, that is perfect for two, is their handmade Tortellini with Panna, Prosciutto and Piselli with a side of their Sautèed Broccoli Rabe. 

We love Asian food, especially this Laotian restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina. Bida Manda is a thoughtful, intimate, and elegant gathering place that celebrates the diverse food tradition and culture of Laos. The restaurant expresses the overall love of food and the power to bring people together through the restaurant’s interior blends of far-east simplicity and warm colors. The Kua Mee, otherwise known as Pad Thai, is a yummy stir-fry with rice noodles with eggs, tofu, peanuts, vegetables, and shrimp. This paired with Pa Som Wan, Sweet Chili Salmon are the things that we enjoy the most when coming to this restaurant.

Our favorite time to visit Atlanta, Georgia is during the month of March. Taking advantage of mild weather while enjoying the city’s best restaurants makes for great memories for us and the kids. Rumi’s Kitchen is a place that never disappoints. This Persian Cuisine restaurant is filled with fresh, healthy food, attentive Persian hospitality, and an atmosphere of love. Amongst their wide variety of kabobs, the Koodbideh Kabob and Soltani Kabob are our absolute favorites. We also love their refreshing cocktails. Their Persian Sunset and Glimpse of Paradise quench our thirst in the mild Atlanta weather.

Family owned and operated restaurants are places that we enjoy dining at the most. Sel, located in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona is a fine dining restaurant that provides the freshest seasonal ingredients for their American cuisine but additionally boasts of broad, sophisticated, and bold flavors to give you a meal that is unforgettable. Although their menus change according to the season, the most memorable item that we had was the Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras with a blood orange glaze, sweet potato beignet, tasso ham gravy, and bordelaise. 


Heading over to the west coast, our last restaurant but certainly not least, is The Little Door located on West 3rd Street. This hidden gem is the perfect place for a quiet date night or spending time with family or friends. The two simple wooden doors open up to a gorgeously romantic courtyard while the inside is housed with intimate furniture and a candlelit ambiance creating the perfect at-home atmosphere contrasting the craziness of the city. Our favorite dishes are the Couscous “Royale” Lamb Stew or the Bacon Wrapped Grilled Filet Mignon with a side of Potato-Leek Gratin. 

The Little Door

Are your mouths watering yet? So there you have it, our favorite restaurants from the East Coast to the West Coast. We hope that you enjoy these restaurants as much as we do!

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Photo 1 source: John Russo Photo. Photo source 2: Cipriani, Downtown New York City. Photo Source 3: Bida Manda (Raleigh, North Carolina). Photo source 4: Rumi’s Kitchen (Atlanta, Georgia). Photo source 5: Sel (Scottsdale, Arizona). Photo source 6: The Little Door via (Los Angeles, CA). Photo source 7: John Russo Photo.

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