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It’s not often that Hollywood is credited for being an inspiration. An aspiration of course, especially in these Reality-TV times of pseudo celebrity. But there is at least one area where Tinseltown’s inspirational star continues to brightly shine.

I am constantly amazed that most visitors to my wedding photography blog are directed to it because of a Google search using the words Old- Hollywood-Glamour.

This legendary glamour of the Golden Age still exerts it’s influence across most of the globe. According to my stat-counter map, brides-to-be as far-flung as South Africa and Switzerland are looking for style tips on how to create the allure of the big screen and the excitement of the red carpet for their wedding day.

In the old days, the decadent lifestyle of the rich and famous was mesmerizing, due partly to it’s unattainability for many mere mortals. 

But if there’s ever a day when you can be forgiven for acting like a diva this is it.

A few visual suggestions for those wanting to feel like a movie star on their big day……

A fabulous bias-cut satin gown 

A dapper leading man with a mischievous glint in his eye 

Hair and make-up a la Hayworth 

Ritzy accessories and Classic Flowers 

Vanity-Fair-worthy posing 

A reception atmosphere of shimmering, elegant opulence 

Perhaps a luxurious getaway car 

A really Grand Entrance 

And a backdrop that’s the real deal! 

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Contributor’s Website:  Claire Barrett Photography

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