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By:  Dorian Howard – Shoe Aficionado

Contributor’s website:  Milk and Honey Shoes

There are certain wedding traditions that have stood the test of time – “til death to us part”, the father/ daughter dance, tossing the bouquet, clusters of bridesmaids attacking the dance floor when the band inevitably plays “I Will Survive” (and at least one of those bridesmaids proclaiming, “This is SO my song!”).   And while we honor the ritual of a wedding and the sanctity of marriage, there is one wedding trend that seems to be dying down and we couldn’t be more pleased – it’s the slow death of the white, silk shoe.    Ivory, bone, ecru, eggshell –whatever you call it, it’s the same thing – a light colored silk shoe that no woman should ever wear past the eight hours of her wedding day.

But now, finally, it seems that brides are opening up their eyes and embracing shoes of all colors.  At milk & honey, where women can create their own shoes, we see brides coming in with all sorts of amazing footwear ideas – from vibrant reds to deep purples and bright greens, women are finally selecting shoes for their wedding day that show their personality and their individuality.  They are matching their bridesmaids’ dresses, selecting their fiance’s favorite color, or just picking a color that will really pop under their crisp white dresses.

Feast your eyes on some of these fabulous footwear selections:

Contributor’s website:  Milk and Honey Shoes

Image Credits:  Milk and Honey Shoes

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