Put Away Your Resolution List & Get Moving

In the beginning of January, gyms and yoga studios are packed. Yoga mats are being squeezed into every corner of your neighborhood studio.  Sweat is dripping and Holiday gluteny is shedding away.  And it feels so good.

This time of year we tend to go hard core with our workouts.  Then most of us taper off after a few months. It can be challenging to stick to a 60-90 minute yoga practice on a consistent basis.  If you can, great!

Sometimes the goals on our resolution lists are easily forgotten as life has a tendency to catch up to us.list 2


Make sure you take the time to de-stress the mind and body through yoga. If that starts at 15 minutes 3 times a week, great.  You will work yourself up to whatever your body needs.

Creating these healthy habits will help you with the rest of the items on your list.  You may find yourself deleting a few items!

It is the accumulation of a consistent yoga practice that will bring you the best results.

Set goals that are reasonable for your modern lifestyle. Many of us have full time work, families, hobbies and social lives that are also important aspects of our lives.

What we don’t need is more information. We need transformation.

If all we needed was information, we’d all have the money, body and relationships of our dreams!

Which is why this post is short and sweet.

I am excited to share with you a 30 yoga video to help you get moving consciously in the New Year on a regular basis.

****This video is simply a guide.  Please click the link below yo view.

Some of these movements may be new to you, some you may have been practicing for decades. I like to mix it up!

Do not follow the video because the pace may not work for you.  Its best not to be watching the video intensely while twisting, churning and lunging about.

This video is simply here to show you a few dynamic yoga poses you can incorporate into your practice.

I suggest you watch the video all the way through as often as you wish. Then shut off the video and practice what comes naturally to you.  This is the best way to begin to develop your own home practice.

Get out of your head and trust your body.

Happy New Year!

Yoga Tips

There are as many poses as there are organisms in nature.  Explore your body and try something new!  Be safe as you explore.  Wether the poses are easy or difficult, move and breathe with grace and ease.

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