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By:  Dorte Lambert – Food Enthusiast
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With Saturday evening tickets to see Prince at the fabulous Forum, where else could me and my dearest friends from high school eat and keep it real at the same time? Panns, old school style! I am so happy Panns is still steeped in American coffee shop tradition.

Pann’s began with George and Rena Panagopoulos’ dream of moving to California and having a successful family business. In the military field, he became known as the cook with “Just Wonderful Food” as he traded with the locals for fresh vegetables and meats that couldn’t be found elsewhere. And that’s how Coffee Shops really began: with foods that had to be cooked fast, taste good, and done by someone with a whole lot of heart and a little entrepreneurial skill. In early 1947 George cooked at The Pantry in North Hollywood for a year and then opened Rena’s Cafe in the heart of Inglewood.

Check out the fantastic fried chicken with fresh broccoli.

In 1951, George learned how to really manage a full size restaurant at the Yum Burger on Manchester Blvd. and then opened Pann’s in 1958. The futuristic design from Armet and Davis, George’s food and Rena’s hospitality ensured the restaurant’s immediate success. Panns received Conservancy’s Award for best example of “Classic 50’s Coffee Shop” in our city and has been the location choice for numerous award winning films such as PULP FICTION, XXX, BEWITCHED and most recently NEXT.

Delicious Broiled Catfish with spicy tomato sauce , steamed fresh spinach and baked yam.

George’s spirit is still with us and Rena at age 89, the “Queen of Hospitality”, can be found most any day greeting and embracing long time patrons and warmly welcoming all of the new ones.

Crispy french fries

*Thank you to Helen, our server, for making our early dinner warm and fun.
And Prince? As good as it gets!

Pann’s Restaurant
6710 La Tijera Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90045-2090
(310) 670-1441

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Contributor’s Website:  Dorte Lambert

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