By:  Bing Dinh – Personal Trainer

Contributor’s Website:  Bing Ding

Summer may be officially over for others but here in LA, we’ve got Summer all year round. So its important to hydrate before, during and after the workout.

As we exercise, we lose fluids along with vitamins and minerals. We want to make sure to stay hydrated, otherwise we may suffer from muscle fatigue and loss of coordination, or even more dangerous conditions.
One of the essential minerals we lose when exercising is potassium, which helps prevent cramps and regulates fluid in the muscle cells.

Potassium can be obtained through the foods we eat. Bananas, prunes, broccoli, yams and sweet potatoes are all rich in potassium.

These specific foods are also good for powering your workouts and for overall weight loss.

Make sure to drink lots of fluids and consume natural vitamins and minerals to power your workouts.

And Stay Cool!

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Contributor’s Website:  Bing Ding

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