Pink: Not Just for Barbie

By: Jennifer Culp – Interior Designer

So I have never been a fan of pink I must say.  It always screamed feminine and girlie to me.  And it is a sensitive issue in design.  I use pink with caution, hoping not to send my male clients screaming for the hills!  BUT pink is in the air these days… on the runways and in all the design mags.  The world is a buzz with pink, so I guess it’s time to reevaluate this controversial hue.  So here we go…
Pink is warm.  It’s a happy and energizing color.  People look good in pink, and it is a surprisingly diverse color.  Pale pink is calming while a hot pink is fun and playful.  Peach is sophisticated and magenta sexy and bold.  Plus pink is a friend to other colors… red, orange, blue, green, take your pick. Pink is wild, free and eccentric.  Pink is just so PINK… what else is there to say?
Not convinced?  Here are some pictures that illustrate the power of pink:

Hot pink is not for the faint hearted, but you can’t deny it makes a statement.
This is my favorite color combo- orange, red, yellow and  that deep magenta… lovely.
For those commitment phobes start with small splashes of pink.  Look how gorgeous it looks with that blue!

Ahhhh…. this pale peachy pink is darling in this small kitchen.  Note the red accents.

And this relaxed pink in Shelter Island looks amazing with the natural wood and beachy feel.
These pale pink walls paired with the black and white vintage tile is subtle and inviting.

Anyone ready for Spring??
Leave it to Mary McDonald to create a fun preppy pink kid’s room
Furniture is not off limits either.  This little desk and chair combo really packs a punch in a bold pink.

It’s official I am a pink convert.  A pinkster!!
Design Tip:
Throw caution to the wind and venture out of your color comfort zone.  Take a color you rarely use (such as pink) and test it out.  Start with something small, a bowl or coffee cup and see how it makes you feel.  You may surprise yourself and find you have been missing out on a color that is good for the heart.

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