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Recently I just moved into a new office here at Compass Beverly Hills.  So excited!  Thought I’d share some of my staging techniques with you on creating a fun creative atmosphere.

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    • Find the layout that works for you but remember…Feng Shui does play a roll. It’s important to be able to see the door. Having your back facing the door is not advised. You can become easily distracted with hearing what’s going on behind you out in the office space. You should also be aware of not being directly in front of the door for the energy flow there is too intense.  With the window behind me, it’s nice to have a good view for my guest sitting in front of my desk.  I find it super relaxing to spin my chair and face the window when I’m reading something – almost takes on a meditative type feel.

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    • A quick and easy Feng Shui technique is to place this map at the front door. The front door position will be located at the bottom of the sheet.  Now, check on what areas in your life that you would like to activate and implement the various colors and elements in your design scheme.  I prefer the subtle approach – I’m not the type to just paint a wall “red” by any means, but I did have this technique in mind when I placed some of the objects.  For instance, on the “wood” wall (which represents health & family) I placed a series of Joshua Tree photos from local photographer Shawn Ferjanec to create an art gallery type setting.Office After1 (1 of 1)On my “water” wall (which represents career) I hung a picture of one of Robert Longo’s “Men in the City” series pictures incorporating the black color that is associated with water and the movement in the picture suggest waves. I don’t like overhead fluorescents – too harsh on the eyes. I love natural light and my corner lamp which adds a warm glow.Office After (1 of 3)My creativity is enhanced with the dry/erase board next to my desk with the silver frame.  I paste goals, quotes, interior design photos that inspire.  Fame and reputation is important in my field so I have a candle that lights this area up, along with my business cards and a red/bright pink book entitled “wisdom”.

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  • Music! Music! Music! I need my tunes in the background –office, car, home & at open houses. I placed a Sonos speaker in the corner to add ambiance and feed my soul.
  • Now that we have evoked most of the senses, we must not forget the power of smell.  My favorite candle is Baise by Diptyque.  The fragrance is fresh, clean and soothing.
  • Paperless is fabulous. I don’t like paper around me, unless they are in a book.  This helps me stay centered and focused at the issue at hand.   I’ve been paperless for years.  Now I’m with a company that believes in that as well.  When we close a deal, our files are scanned.  I like clean email boxes too.  When something comes in – I read, respond, forward, take action.

Embrace the four walls around you and take note of your surroundings.   It can effect your day to day activities and overall decisions.  Take time to slow down and observe.  The power is in your hands.

As I stare at my Ganesh statue on my desk that is said to help remove obstacles, I can’t help but end this piece without my final wish to you:   “Namaste”.

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(photo credits: Shawn Ferjanec)

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