Permission to Restore

I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving Holiday and are settling back into the month of December.

It can be a bit jolting returning to your routine after time off. Especially with more holidays right around the corner.

Crunch time.



This year has been a year of massive change on so many levels. With all the yoga and positive thinking in the world, we are still HUMAN, with real human emotions.

Change is often life’s way of encouraging us to shift gears, wake up, step up, take a chill pill (a natural one like meditation), go within and listen, listen, listen closely.

Here’s a lil’ story about how the Universe asked me to be fully aware of how incredible life is……..

I hope it helps you in whatever way it is meant to at this time in your life.

This past weekend I went to Cleveland to celebrate my father’s 80th birthday! Pretty freakin’ incredible. On my way to the airport I took a Lyft, its like Uber. And my Lyft driver went a different way than I usually go. I was kind of annoyed but thats the way his gps routed the fastest trip. I kept it positive with a small dose of angst about arriving on time:)

We were about ten minutes from the airport, rolling right along. I left Thursday night, so no LA traffic.

All of the sudden, a motorcyclist zoomed past us. Before my driver and I could finish saying, “Wow, that guy is going crazy fast,” sparks started flying. He must have been going about 120 mph. The motorcycle flew 50 ft ahead. The cyclist somersaulted what seemed to be 30 times over and over and over.

It happened in a second. In a flash.

It took our brains a few moments to process what had just took place.

Along with several other cars, we pulled over. Thankfully the guy seemed just fine physically! His bike took a hit and his clothes were shredded but he was walking and talking. Amaaaaazing. Happy Thanksgiving to him and his loved ones! We made sure the driver was ok and continued on to the airport.


I’ll probably never see that driver again. Yet in an instant, that experience made two strangers become more compassionate and thankful.

Once I arrived at my gate, I called a few dears ones to let them know how much I appreciated them. I thought about how lucky I was to go “home” for this super short yet special trip to be with my family and close friends.

Even though there is a lot of unknown right now, practice carrying the good stuff with you as you move forwards.

Call that person you know you need to call.

Stay connected AND practice what makes you feel whole, even if, especially if, what is happening outside of you is chaotic. For so many of us, yoga is that practice.

Please enjoy the above yoga video, Permission to Restore, Now. It is my gift to you. Carve out time in your busy day to nurture yourself inside and out. It will help you to not freak out. It will help you to not freak less:)….and to stay present during the holiday season.


Wherever you are in the world right now, lets check in and breathe deeply, together.

Yoga Video Tips

For this video you will need 1-2 bolsters or big pillows and 2 blocks if you have them. Even though Restorative Yoga is simple, it is still powerful. Please move just as mindfully as you would in a dynamic yoga practice.

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