Not Your Mother’s Tupperware Party

By Guest Writer:  Claire Barrett – Photographer

Contributor’s Website:  Claire Barrett Photography

As the wise songstress Cyndi once told us, girls just wanna have fun. Well, not quite. They also want to Look Good naked, according to Lifetime Television.

Thankfully, there’s a delightfully daring trend that manages to accomplish both…The Boudoir Party.

An alternative to the Bachelorette party….or perhaps just a naughtier take on spa night with the girls…these fun events usually take place at somebody’s home, while the boys are out.

You bring a bottle of wine and some lingerie, while your hostess brings the nibbles and the…… PROFESSIONALS! 

Every woman has had the fleeting thought that, hey, maybe she could look as good as J.Lo if she had a hair and makeup team and a professional photographer like me waiting in the living room. Well now she does. And she can.  Encouraging words from her best friends and expert direction from the “crew” can certainly help to bring out a girl’s inner goddess. 

If on arrival you can leave your inhibitions at the door, when the party ends you’ll certainly leave with new found confidence and glowing self-esteem……who needs more plastic for leftovers anyway?? 
Claire Barrett is an LA-based wedding and lifestyle photographer, here today as a guest blogger for the fabulous (and fully-dressed ) Jeff Brown of BrownHotEvents
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Contributor’s Website:  Claire Barrett Photography
Image Credits:  Claire Barrett Photography

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