New Year, New Hair—LA’s New Best of the Best

By:  Chaton Anderson- Writer

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Best Haircut:
Known for “bringing Beverly Hills to the beach,” master stylist Brit Bergesen, owner of Mizu Hair Studio in Manhattan Beach, gives an entirely new meaning to the haircut experience. We’ve heard about this master stylist for years and figured since he attended the world-renowned Vidal Sassoon academy, was an instructor there and a top stylist at the Vidal Sassoon salon, there was probably a reason for his stellar reputation.

Brit’s surfer good looks contrast his sophisticated approach that consists of technically precise haircutting to create perfect shapes—the results we experienced were “wash and wear” hair that grew out perfectly, keeping its shape for the duration between haircuts. Our hair literally fell into place, even when wet. Brit reshapes, removes bulk and adds bounce with every snip—the finished product is polished, high end hair, beautiful modern design, and undeniably cool styles that boost your self-confidence from the minute you walk out the door.

The salon is intimate, relaxing and close to the beach—Mizu, which is Japanese for water, reflects Brit’s philosophy of flowing with life changes. The serene environment, coupled with a sexy straight guy with killer style playing with your hair, turns your trip to the salon into an unparalleled, blissful experience. 

Best Color:
Derek Smart at Sally Hershberger conjures up gorgeous, definitive shades that transform your look beyond your wildest dreams. He turns brassy highlights into spun gold, enhances natural hues and rehabilitates even the most botched dye jobs. 

Derek took my extension-ravaged hair through the worst of times—after two years of wearing the best, my locks could endure no more damaging color or styling. Unable to give up my love for light hair, he enabled my addiction by creating stunning shades of blonde through the use of high-lifting tint rather than bleach, resulting in the color I wanted without the damage. A year later people constantly ask if my real hair is extensions—they even yank on it when they don’t believe me. 

Hailing from the UK, Derek developed a passion for hair when his older sister battled with alopecia—Derek took to styling her wigs and realized his love for helping others embrace transformation. He now adds richness and glimmer to the plainest of hues, fiery glints for superb accents and gorgeously decadent shades for those searching for a complete color overhaul. 

Best Blowout:

Bar none, Dry Bar gives the best blowouts in the city and is affordable, convenient and consistent. The best part is you can ask for exactly what you want—you’re not limited to some super straight look. If you’re looking for smooth hair but want to keep a little volume, the stylists will deliver exactly that formula. 

The service is fast, professional and efficient—and drinks are served to make it enjoyable. It’s the perfect start to a girls night out—it’s like pregame with professional styling. You can go straight, curly, or in between like the very natural looking, loose waves I was delivered when I wanted something different. We’ve been to each of the four Los Angeles area locations and were perfectly satisfied every time. 

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Contributor’s Website:  Fusion Integrated

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