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A few years ago I discovered a specialized occupation know as “the handler”. Here is an interview with one of the most exclusive handlers – Roman Chiporukha.

I had the opportunity to work with the “best of the best” of this highly specialized…and demanding occupation when I met Roman. I met him few years back on a high profile deal that required NDA’s all around! I saw how he handled the most difficult of situations with grace and style and with such a personable approach. My client surrounded himself with a smart effective team that took care of the details…and there were many! The perfect team is an ideal blend between a most-connected concierge, luxury travel advisor and top-level personal assistant. The most exclusive ones can can arrange anything, solve any problem, procure any item, anywhere in the world, usually on moment’s notice. What a perfect way for a client to focus on their business and not on the day to day details that can distract them.

This is not a normal career path. How did you get into this? 

I studied literature & art in NYU and my first job out of college was working at the Front Desk of the Waldorf Towers, the more exclusive part of the Waldorf Astoria, where you had many permanent residents like the US Ambassador to the UN, Rick & Kathy Hilton, etc. I then worked as a chief of staff for a wealthy Russian family, living between LA, Moscow and NYC. When the family decided to move back to Russia full time, they made me an incredible offer to come with them, but I decided to stay in the US and started looking for other chief of staff positions. While being interviewed to be Margaret Loeb‘s (Dan Loeb’s wife) chief of staff, I learned of a company called Fischer Travel. I cold called them a week later and suggested that we should work together. 2 years later I left Fischer to start my own company. The rest, as they say, is history.


You must get some interesting requests. What’s the most extreme request you’ve received from a client?Depends on how you define extreme. One client called and said that wants to give a front of a gondola as a gift. This is called the ferro di prua. And that this ferro cannot be newly made but needs to have at least 50 years of provenance and he wanted to story of the ferro with photos of the owners attached to the gift. It took a couple of months but we sourced it from Venice, Italy.

Another time, we had a client visiting St. Petersburg Russia and he wanted a private experience of the Peacock Clock at the Hermitage. Usually, the Peacock Clock is wound on Wednesdays and only certain months out of the year. The client was insistent. We learned that the clock engineer was on vacation and we paid to have him flown back to St. Petersburg and do a private experience for our client.


What does your average day look like?
This isn’t really a 9-5 type of job. Many of our clients are based abroad, whether UK, Europe, Asia, Russia or South Africa so we’re usually fielding requests around the clock. Each day is different. One day you’re looking for a housekeeper and nanny, and then next you’re designing a gorgeous diamond necklace with a top jeweler. Last year, when we couldn’t find a 1/30 tourbillon watch for a client, we went directly to the watch maker and convinced them to make #00, double zero!


Has covid changed the type of requests from your clients?
With COVID, clients are interested in long term stays at various destinations. If you go to Aspen for Christmas and New Year’s what are you really coming home for? We’ve advised our clients to this incredible opportunity, of remote work and remote schooling, and do something they would never do, like be in Aspen for Dec-February and ski every day. Or rent a gorgeous villa in Mustique for several months.



What are your goals? 
As our relationships with our clients deepens, we’ve been asked to consult on their various business projects. It started with real estate dealings and bringing their various properties into the luxury travel market and has now evolved into VC introductions, non-profit work and other dealings. We’ve been working with a SF-based client and have helped him evolve his public offering as well as making introductions to key figures crucial to his ever-growing empire.



There are few people that I’ve met on real estate deals that truly left an impact, but Roman was one! He took the time out to personally meet me and has stayed in contact ever since. There is a lot to learn about growing a business from him. And I am lucky to have met him and look forward to a continued friendship. I learned a lesson too…every person should incorporate a handler in some capacity to lead a balanced and more productive life.


To get in contact with Roman: RomanandErica. 


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