Need a Drink? 3 Classic Recipes to Improve Cocktail Hour

All the way back in August, I shared go-to recipes for my favorite summer drinks. But as the weather gets chillier, our bar setup has adapted to make room for warmer cocktails and tried-and-true classics. We’ve also shifted from indulgent patio drinks to a more intentional at-home cocktail hour.

Nostalgia and daily rituals have been a big part of my self-care in 2020. And while I fancy myself a bit of an amateur mixologist, if I’m being honest, at-home happy hours are more about the comfort of routine than the actual drinks themselves. (Though if we’re going to mix up a cocktail, let’s make it a great one.)

So with that in mind, today I’m sharing my tried-and-true recipes for 3 classic cocktails:

  • A classic Manhattan
  • My favorite gin martini
  • A super simple vodka gimlet
Classic Manhattan
My favorite gin martin
Simple vodka gimlet

These three cocktail recipes each feature a different liquor — bourbon, gin, and vodka — so there’s a little something here for everyone. And if you’re looking for an alternative, here’s a great list of non-alcoholic drinks to unwind with at the end of the day.

I also share my very spicy thoughts on martini glasses (hint: they’re dead to me) as well as the best way to quickly chill a cocktail glass.

So if you could really use a drink right now (and who couldn’t?) hop over to the full text here

Let’s kick off your at-home happy hour right this second. After all, the concept of time in 2020 has essentially lost all meaning and cocktail hour is whenever you want it to be.


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