My Top 5 ‘Must Haves’ for Closet Organization

In my previous blog post, I touched upon my favorite tips and tricks that I use for cleaning out my clients’ closets. Now that spring has officially begun, we’re going to break down the specific pieces that will make organizing your closet a breeze! Below are my top-5 favorite pieces that are affordable, efficient, glamorous, and necessary for a well-organized and stress-free closet.

  1. Huggable Felt Hangers – Say goodbye to bulky and ugly plastic hangers and upgrade to huggable felt hangers! These hangers are #1 on my list for a reason. No need to resent a small closet anymore, because these sleek hangers will instantly free a ton of space in your closet. Don’t let the slim design fool you. These hangers are sturdy enough to hold anything from a tank to a winter coat. The felt finish is a major plus because it’s not only more attractive to look at, but also prevents your clothes from slipping off the hanger and onto your floor.

  1. Shelf Dividers – Handbags are often what my clients choose to invest their money in, and for a good reason – designer handbags are timeless and can truly be a piece of art! Instead of protecting your handbags in their cloth bags, upgrade to shelf dividers. Shelf dividers are a great way to display, protect, and organize your pieces of art. A gorgeous display of handbags will also give your closet a glamorous boutique feel.

  1. Stackable Shoe Shelves – Your shoes get enough damage during the day, so give them that extra care in your closet. Stackable shoe shelves are a great alternative if your closet doesn’t have built in shelving. I prefer shelves over any other shoe organizer because you can easily view your shoe collection. Make sure to look for shelves that stack, so you can customize the amount of space you need.

  1. Acrylic Stackable Drawers – Although these drawers are often shown organizing shoes, I love using them for belts and scarves. Typically, my clients use the traditional hanging scarf and belt organizers; however, they end up looking bulky and unattractive. These drawers are perfect to keep your accessories tucked away and organized. The clear finish also makes it easy to see exactly which piece you need to take out for your outfit.

  1. Expandable Drawer Dividers – For most people, the first step to getting dressed in the morning is grabbing a pair of underwear and socks. Don’t add stress to your morning with a chaotic and cluttered undergarment drawer. Instead, use a drawer divider to sort your undergarments. This easy solution will instantly ease your mind and take away from your morning stress.

Written by: Caitlin Jaymes   

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