My Time with Laddie John Dill, A Venice Legend

By: Lisa Ristorucci – Professional Errand Courier
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When a client asked me to accompany him to a private viewing of Laddie John Dill‘s studio, in an effort to decide on which work(s) to buy for his home, I leapt at the chance. The opportunity to peruse the studio of an artist whose work is a staple in many LA landmarks was too much to ask for, but meeting the man himself was equally as impressive.

“Glacial Collision” Glass, Cement and Natural Oxides

Mr. Dill was warm, welcoming, informative and incredibly unassuming for someone with so much success. From my time at his Venice studio, I learned that most of the work he is famous for, the mixed media works in which parts appear like stone, are actually a combination of different oxides that he experiments with to create the look he wants. The artist’s diversity became immediately apparent. I walked around (and around) a sculpture that was still in progress, similar to the one below. 

“Moon Phase”, Wood and Black Oxide

There were even gorgeous coffee tables.

And my favorites were and always have been his metal work. Standing in front of them feels like you are being showered with rays of sun.

“Muscle Beach” Welded and brushed Aluminum

My client and I left the studio giddy, discussing which works he was leaning toward. And whenever I feel nostalgic for those few hours in Dill’s studio, I grab a drink at Hal’s on Abbot Kinney in Venice and sit at the bar across from a Dill piece that spans across the wall.

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