Moving Forward on Your 2014 Goals- Yoga for Your Ankles

Full Lotus
Full Lotus

How well is 2014 treating you so far?  The Holidays are over and we have gotten back into the swing of things.  Remember all of your New Years resolutions?  Are you moving forward on all of your 2014 goals?  Or are they sitting on a piece of paper somewhere collecting dust?

Whether your desires are small or big, you have them for a reason.  They are unique to you.  Get out your 2014 goal sheet.  Read them over and see which ones give you the most excitement.  Not the ones that you SHOULD do because of some external demand you put on yourself.  Which ones make your heart beat a little faster?  Which ones give you goose bumps?  Put a check mark next to them. These are probably the goals and desires that are speaking from your authentic self.

This brings us to Rasatala.  Rasatala is one of the 7 chakras located in the lower body, also known as the underworld.  Rasatala surrounds the ankle region.  In older yoga texts, the ankle region when unbalanced brings up selfishness, self centeredness, and possessiveness.  Oh my, that explains a lot!

In our modern lifestyles, tight ankles can make us feel mentally and physically stuck.  Even weighed down, shackled.  On the other hand, if our ankles are too flimsy, we will not have the support we need to move forward.

Our ankles help us with foot and leg movement.  Therefore, they are a major part of our foundation.  My teacher once said, “Support your ankles and they will support you.”

If you have very tight ankles, start with something easy.  Practice 10-20 ankles rolls every morning.  This will loosen

Pigeon Cresent
Pigeon Crescent

the ankle joints so they are prepared to stretch.  It will also prevent injury.  As with any part of the body, the goal is to find the balance between strength and flexibility.  Bearing weight on your bones will create strength.

At first stretching and strengthening your ankles can feel intense.  Don’t worry, nothing is terribly wrong with you.  You are simply addressing a part of your body that has probably been ignored for quite some time.  Always always go to your own degree and let your slow deep breathing be your guide.

You know what I love?  I learned our true energetic power lies underneath our problem areas.  When practicing specific asana, we begin to awaken our power and triumph over our physical, mental, and spiritual obstacles.

Yoga Tip
If you are finding yourself stuck and unsure of how to move forward in any aspect of your life (relationships, work, health) check in with your ankles.  Our body temple is one of our greatest teachers.  LISTEN.  LISTEN.  LISTEN.

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Image credits- Yoga pictures-Alex Vasilescu, Header

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