More Ways For Bigger Brows for Fall: by Katy Holland

Although it seems like the weather is just now starting to heat up, the calendar says fall is around the corner.  But hey, this is LA, and our weather isn’t predicted by the traditional seasons!  In Los Angeles, we are seeing a shift in the beauty world.  And right now its all about brows. The big brow trend has been going strong the past 5 years but its really amping up right now.  Here’s a few new trendy items that are currently setting trends.

Glossier Brow Flick

 Glossier Brow Flick
Photo courtesy of Glossier

Traditional means of enhancing brows are powder and pencils.  But Glossier has done it again given us the latest brow-wow product – a felt tip calligraphy pen for the brows.  This takes a steady hand and is best applied without the morning coffee caffeine jitters!

Hourglass Microbrow Pencil

Photo courtesy of Mecca

Hourglass has been well-known for their pencils and brow gels for their natural colors and ease of application.  The micro pencil is an ultra thin brow pencil used to mimic the microblading trend without the needles.

Iconic Brow soap

Photo courtesy of Azyaamode

The wildest new trend is brushed up brows.  But how to make them stay that way?  Believe it or not, clear soap is the answer!  Iconic London has created a chic compact of solid, clear soap.  Fill brows first with pencil or powder.  To activate the soap, start by wetting a brow brush and swirl on the soap to pick up a good amount of product.  Thoroughly coat all of the brows by combing back and forth and then up. Voila!  Feathered natural brows.

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