Moon Magic

As a triple Cancer I should be practicing monthly moon magic since the moon greatly affects me. But life gets in the way and I tend to forget. However, I have been getting more into it and the results are so astounding I must share!

What are the moon phases? What do they mean? What rituals can we do?

20061017 waning crescent Moon l

NEW MOON – is a time when the moon is that sliver of crescent shape. A New Moon is a time for new beginnings and abundance. New Moon rituals involve looking inward and starting something new. As the moon begins to wax or grow it is time to ask for joy, love, and anything else you desire. I suggest creating your own New Moon ritual. I started a money box (too complex to share in this blog) or you can write in a journal or find a New Moon goddess group to join. Writing things down seals it in reality and helps manifestation.

FULL MOON – is when the moon is round and bright. Full Moon nights open the door of possibilities. As the moon begins to wane or grow smaller, you want to release things that no longer serve you like bad habits or extra weight. Waning cycles are for finishing projects and clearing clutter. In my magical candle collection we created a Full Moon Magical Candle to light with a list of things you are ready to release underneath. I find this so helpful to focus and write down what I want to clean out from my life and light the candle and send them off.

April 4 – full moon
April 18 – new moon

Whatever ritual or ceremony you decide to do, it is worth it to honor the moon phases. If you can find moon groups in your hood – join them. It is powerful magic!

Full Moon Magical Candle


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(Candle photo by Anita Rosenberg, moon photos are stock shots from the internet)

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