Mercury Retrograde Again

By: Anita Rosenberg – Spiritualist  

Contributor’s Website: Anita Rosenberg

Heads up! It’s Mercury Retrograde again (it happens three times per year.) Have you noticed communications getting wonky? Are people not returning your calls or emails? Have your computers and electronics acted up yet? Internet connections randomly disconnect (happened to me today already.) Is your vehicle acting up? Having transportation issues in general? Travel plans running amuck? This are the symptoms of Mercury Retrograde and it will continue for the next three months and a few days after that.

What can you do? I always suggest going with the flow, because there is nothing you can do about the planet slowing down. Continue forward during this time by tapping into the natural energies offered up. There are some good aspects of Mercury in Retrograde and here is what you want to do to maximize them:

•  Complete things

•  Finish up projects

•  Tie up loose ends

•  Be patient with yourself and others

•  Double up on your communications

  Double check plans and dates

  Confirm appointments

  Plant new seeds

  Be prepared to call your computer guy!

  Light one of my Signature Magic Mercury Retrograde Candles (they work)

The following list of activities will frustrate you and hinder your progress:

  Do not start new projects

  Do not sign contracts

  Do not make large purchase, you will have buyer’s remorse

  I suggest not going shopping at all unless you have to

  If you work in a store be prepared for returns

  Do not buy new computers or other electronics (I did this once and it was a big mistake – had to take them back)

  Avoid car repairs

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2013:

Feb 23 – March 17
June 26 – July 20

Oct. 21- Nov 10

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Contributor’s Website: Anita Rosenberg

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