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Last month I wrote about the social and stylish acceptance of tattoos on women in today’s society–and how celebrities are the main culprits for the overwhelming consent and validation of this once ridiculed form of expression. The social stigma has drastically subsided from what it was a decade ago and now both men and women are proud of their tattoos and wear their ink with pride.

 So what about tattoos on men?

It’s no secret that many women are attracted to men with a little ink. It represents the “bad boy” the “rebel” and the “ wild one.” A man with tattoos stands for everything that a woman’s father despises–and that’s what makes them all the more enticing! While there is hardly a shortage of men with tattoos nowadays, there does seem to be a lack in the quality, placement, and overall styles  that men are choosing to get.

The once respected and revered tattoo industry is being bombarded with an overabundance of so-called “artists” who are willing to tattoo anything on anyone for the right price. These eager tattooists are only concerned with the money aspect of the industry rather than the actual art and individuality that  tattoos represent; and as a result, the quality of their tattooing is severely lacking. Luckily, Los Angeles is home to some of the most skilled, talented, and respected tattoo artists in the world who take pride in their work and understand how significant a persons tattoo really is. So if your thinking about getting some work done, make sure that you feel comfortable and confident with the artist and design you choose.

He’s an artist with a needle. When you find someone like Bryan Glatiotis, you hang onto him. He’s really special.–Tom Hardy on his tattoo artist.

1. The Shoulder/Upper Arm- The shoulder is an extremely popular location among men for getting a tattoo because it can be covered when needed, yet still provides the freedom to showcase. This location is somewhat difficult to tattoo, so if you’re thinking about a shoulder piece, make sure you have a very skilled artist. Some popular designs for shoulder tattoos are script, military insignia, and tribal designs.

My tattoo represents struggle and overcoming that great struggle…It represents being appreciative of the success I have achieved.–Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

2. The Back-The best feature of the back tattoo is that is provides ample room for  large pieces. The back tattoo is perfect for men who are creative and daring, but still know how to keep things professional. Popular back tattoos include full scale portraits, religious images, and script. As a side note, lower back tattoos on men may have been cool in the 90’s, but not so much anymore…unless you’re into that sort of thing.





3. The Side/Ribs-While this location is considered to be one of the  most painful areas to tattoo, it does provide a lot of room for larger designs as well as the convenience to conceal when needed. The most popular tattoo designs for the the the side are images and script.

Tattoos say a lot about a person and so deciding on a design, location, and artist is something you don’t want to take lightly. If you’re seriously thinking about getting a tattoo, do a little research, visit tattoo shops, and talk to people who have tattoos. My personal advice would be to remember that a cheap tattoo is never good, and a good tattoo is never cheap!

Image Credits: 1. Danny Kelly, 2. Charlidos, 3. Tattoologist, 4. Dailymail, 5. Slodive

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