Mantel Mania

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace you know that it makes an excellent focal point in a room. But people often forget about the mantel. A mantel creates the perfect opportunity for display. From books to photos and mirrors, the sky is the limit when it comes to mantel decoration.
No mantel? Don’t worry… you can create a mantel easily with a slab of wood, stone or tile. What this simple shelf can add is incredible, and gives you the occasion to add charming details to your home.
Here are three simple steps to spice up your mantel….

1. Layer Pieces

Having an eclectic mix of objects that are layered is an eye grabber. Incorporating books, small statues, pottery, plants and artwork are great ways to create that element of intrigue

2. Mirror, mirror on the wall

If you can avoid putting that flat screen over your mantel, a mirror is a wonderful way to reflect the room. Use an unusually shaped one for even more impact.


3. One dramatic piece

The mantel is an excellent place to display that one piece you love. Going simple with one piece is just as meaningful as layering.


Design Tip:
Don’t leave those mantels bare!   Instead use your mantel space, or create one, to make a design statement.


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