Malibu Madness

As winter begins to fade and summer is upon us, my mind turns toward the coast. Being a native east coaster I still can’t quite wrap my brain around the beach life. This casual yet chic coastal living you see in California still blows me away (and desperately makes me want a beach house)!
So when I saw Patrick Dempsey’s spread in Architectural Digest my heart skipped a beat. It is simply stunning. It represents everything about the west coast that I love, from the chicken coup to the airstream this is California living at its best…
Here are a couple concepts to create this easy breezy way of life.

1. Outdoors, Outdoors, Outdoors

You may not have this kind of space, but southern California is all about outdoor living. So focus on your outdoor space, however small, and create a comfortable spot to enjoy the weather.

An herb garden is very easy to cultivate, plus you have fresh herbs for cooking!

You may not have an airstream on hand, but creating a hideaway in your home is an essential part of relaxing

2. Mix and Match

Notice how the interiors are composed of many different textures and unique pieces. Lots of natural materials are used and there is a casual but sophisticated feel. A house is meant to be lived in, so pick unique pieces that interest you, and don’t focus on creating a “perfect” space.

These living spaces are chalk full of interesting pieces… yet they are natural and flow with the house

Even the dog is peaceful!

Design Tip:
Anyone can create this coastal chic vibe in any space. Try to focus on the outdoors (bring the green inside too), and use plenty of texture and intriguing objects. And then relax and enjoy yourself!

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