I recently sat down with Leandro Silva – CEO and founder of Panchala.  A brand that was born in Los Angeles. All printing/embroidery, quality control and packing is done here in LA before being shipped worldwide. As part of their local commitment, Panchala donates 10% of profits to charity. They also work alongside which is a Los Angeles based organization that helps at-risk youth develop themselves through arts-mentoring and education. As Panchala grows, they envision working with organizations nationwide.

How would you describe the message of your clothing line? 

Panchala is about mindfulness — the universe is shaped by individuals and their potentiality. The brand is a trigger to inspire the awakening of one’s transforming power.
What is your background?

I’m a Brazilian-american entrepreneur driven by pure curiosity and everything positiveness. I’ve worked for many years in the music industry as a drummer and have an academic background in entertainment business.

How did you get started in the fashion business?


It has always interested me the way people choose what/how they dress. Choosing what to wear is a statement. It’s an ever-changing business that is made of pure creativity and flow of new ideas. I decided I’d make every single piece of accessory in a way they are someone’s favorite piece to wear over and over again.

What is your inspiration for your clothing line? 


The brand is inspired by Hinduism and its representations. Words, thoughts, and Gods from the ‘Vedas’  fascinate me. Hinduism sees the individual as an important changing factor in the world and focuses on effective ways to improve mindfulness.

Do you have a certain look that you like to use for your clothes?

I strive to work with fabrics that are form-flattering. I see Panchala products as a way to accessorize and empower whoever wears them. The ‘looks’ are as important as the ‘feels’. All our products are thought and designed to look and feel good. We also make good use of vibrant assorted colors. Himalayan cultures are known to be plentiful on color variation.

What does Panchala mean?

It comes from the Sanskrit word पांचाल  and it was the name given to an ancient world in northern India during the ‘late vedic period’ (1100-500BCE); located in the Gangetic plain, between the upper Himalayas and the river Ganges. Also known as ‘The Kingdom of Panchala’

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All photos by Shawn Ferjanec

Model: Natalia Cintra

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