When You Lose Your Mojo

It’s one of those days or weeks or months where no matter how hard you try you just can’t find your inspiration or motivation. It’s not uncommon or incurable. Sometimes as artists, we can get so bogged down with the obstacles in our careers that we can lose sight of why we are doing this crazy journey in the first place. You could be at the same job you’ve been at which drives you nuts AND you haven’t booked a role in months. You are constantly looking to the sky and cursing your bad artistic luck. Your self-esteem and motivation is in the toilet and you are watching way too much reality TV. Before we continue with this indulgent pity party, let’s remember the way you felt before you came to LA. Or, let’s go further to the very start of your journey.Woman-Performing-On-Stage, fodors.com
Everyone who ever pursued a career in this crazy industry did it because of a passion. A yearning to be a part of something so badly, that you could not ignore the feeling. Sound familiar? Even when people discouraged you because of the difficulty in your field, or reminded you that there was never a guarantee in success you brushed them off and looked onward. You knew in your heart that your quest to success would include heartache and struggles, but you shrugged it off in lieu of the possibility of your dreams coming true. You were full of a determination and unyielding spirit.

Let’s get back to current times. Currently, you are having a hard time seeing the silver lining. So let me remind you of why you are on this journey and how to get your hootspa back.


1. You love performing and films.

2. The rush you get when you are doing what you love.

3. There is still a chance you can achieve your dream.


At this very moment, you are in the midst of an amazing journey. One that every successful person you look up to has gone ethandsthrough at one point or another. A journey, most people do not have the courage to undergo. Here is another cool fact; we are the storytellers. We get to share the human condition, ideas and stories with everyone in the world through our creations. Not many have the power to touch so many people throughout their career or lives. There are actors and filmmakers that have changed my life. I hope someone says the same about me one day. So it’s okay to be down, but don’t lose hope. I challenge you in this moment to; Remember how truly wonderful and thrilling it is when you take that first step on to a film set or stage. Remember that first film that made you want to pursue this as your career. Remember that artist(s) that made you see the world differently. Then, after all of that reflection, remember that you are a courageous storyteller and the world is your oyster. Make sure the world hears your story.

“You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

– Robin Williams

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