Looking at Things from a Different Perspective

Upward Plank, the sky is not your limit!

One of the many things I love about yoga is the ability to see life from a different perspective.  Most of our movements throughout the day are linear, even our exercise.  Walking, running and biking.  As we sit in our cars and our desks, we are looking straight on as well.

Looking into your past, just don't get stuck there!
Looking into your past, just don’t get stuck there!

Given the opportunity, the human body loves to move dynamically in all different directions.  My eyes are in awe when I view the environment of my yoga space in areas I do not normally look!  My body appreciates moving at different levels, high, low to the ground, on my sides and upside down!

Straddle, connect to the ground
Straddle and connect to the ground


A variety of conscious movement keeps a yoga practice efficient and injury free.  I once practiced a type of yoga where we did the same movements every class.  Although I could measure my progress, I also over stretched my hamstrings.

When I started practicing Taoist and Shadow Yoga, I felt incredible.  My body was stronger, freer and more grounded than ever before.

Wide Leg Forward Bend, looking upside down is pretty awesome!


Nature is incredibly diverse.  We can probably all agree that when we are spending time in nature it helps us stay present.  Observing nature is a great teacher in movement.  While certain organisms move straight up and down, other things, like the sun, move circularly.  Palm trees in the wind bend deeply from side to side.

Next time you practice yoga, incorporate a few poses that make you literally see things from a different perspective.  The habits we develop on the mat with flow into our day.


Yoga Tip

Remember, we all came into this world with our own set of eyes and core values.  In our world of endless distractions, its so easy to get off course of our soul’s agenda.  One of the best ways to course correct is to listen to your body.  The body never lies.

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Photo credits by Cindi Lee

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