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Spring is approaching and that is when I get requests from those looking for love. It’s not just the ladies on the hunt, there is a universal energy that brings everyone out of hibernation. Hearts are opened and love invitations are sent out, but what happens when love does not come knocking fast enough? I get a call!

In the world of metaphysics, there are no quick fixes or magical fairy dust that can be sprinkled to attract your soul mate. You must be proactive. What actions are you going to take? I am not talking about on-line dating or hitting the bars (of course you do need to get off the couch and out of the house.) You don’t need a love coach or relationship matchmaker (unless you really want one.) What I suggest is the proper attitude and TIMING. What do I mean by timing?

BaZi Chinese Astrology chart tells everything about a person’s life (Western or Vedic Astrology does as well if that resonates with you.) I am a Chinese Metaphysician so my tool is BaZi. The natal chart tells me what type of person they will attract. It shows me how many times they will be married or if they will be married at all. Are they better with boyfriends or girlfriends than spouses? Are they prone to marriage problems? Then there’s the Luck Pillars and that tells me if a person is more likely to marry later in life. If they are going through a spouse pillar they need to get focused to tap into that energy of attraction.

We also look to a person’s Peach Blossom or sexy quality that attracts the opposite sex. Some people have it and some don’t. Are you one of those folks who is always surrounded by admirers? Your soul mate might be standing in line behind you at the grocery store and you don’t even know it. That’s why after timing, we look to awareness as the second step to attracting love into your life.

Peach Blossom
Peach Blossom

Third comes magical tools for manifestation like Rose Quartz that attracts love on all levels. Rose Quartz is a yummy pink crystal that comes polished or raw and it activates your heart chakra just by having it around. You can carry one in your bag, place one on your nightstand or I like a Rose Quartz generator (pointy shape that directs energy) underneath a bed for single ladies. Here is your guide to soul mate crystals.


rose quartz hearts
rose quartz hearts


Rose Quartz

  • attracts love on all levels
  • brings self-love
  • teaches true essence of love






  • draws in your soul mate
  • encourages introspection & reflection
  • helps wishes come true
Fuschite Kyanite
Fuschite Kyanite



Fuchsite Kyanite

  • protects the heart
  • heart nurturing
  • teaches unconditional love





  • stone of love
  • promotes unselfish love and forgiveness
  • builds confidence


  • helps you find your soul mate
  • use when feeling unloved
  • lifts depression

Another powerful love tool I suggest is to light a real Love Magical candle made with rose quartz essences or essential oils. Red candles placed around your home (yes, I see this a lot) is not going to bring love. A magical candle is just that – magic and made by a spiritual practitioner during specific moon phases with essential oils and strong intent. Lighting it raises the vibration in the space and opens your heart to attract love and romance. Best when placed in your bedroom.


Love Magical Candle
Love Magical Candle


My final favorite love tool is Lakshmi the Hindu Goddess of good fortune and prosperity. Her mission is for us to be happy here on earth. She brings you more of everything; money, time, knowledge and opportunities. She can’t read your mind so you have to ask for it. If you are not willing to put in the hard work she is not willing to bless you with rewards. One of her big talents is protecting relationships and helping you find someone special. You can light a Lakshmi Magical Candle or display her image.



Let’s be optimistically realistic. Check your BaZi, carry love crystals, light love candles and ask Lakshmi for love coaching. Open your heart. Know yourself and set your boundaries. Accept invitations. Get out and about. Good luck in your soul mate search. Here’s hoping you find the love you deserve. And if it’s not in your timing to meet someone, enjoy being with yourself.

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photographs by Anita Rosenberg
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