Lofty Ambitions

By: Laura Pardini – Realtor
Contributor’s website: City Style LA
I always wondered what it would be like to live in a loft.  There was a bohemian artist inside me just waiting to get a hold of a blank canvas and create my own space.  Having lived in New York for a brief stint, I associated lofts with those cool, converted, old warehouses, or flatiron-style buildings that I used to walk past.   I would picture creative types hosting art gallery parties in these wonderful spaces with tall ceilings.  I truly think there is an artist in me…if only I could draw!

Years after my New York experience, I did end up buying a loft in Los Angeles, at the iconic corner of Hollywood and Vine within The Broadway Hollywood.   Here is where I met Jennifer Culp, our Interior Design Contributor; Anita Rosenberg, our Spiritualist Contributor and Jennifer Dail; our Publisher.   It’s amazing how people come into your life…Jennifer C. was at the sales party when we made our offer, Anita was my next door neighbor and Jennifer D. worked at the front desk.  We made instant connections and have remained in each others’ lives ever since.  

Just so you know…I did get that Art Gallery wall I always hoped for.  This wall did not feature my art (for you know why), but other artists’ works such as  Mark Hobley, who is a talented, modernistic artist and  Douglas Kirkland, a world famous celebrity photographer.  We ended up renovating the space; which included relocating the kitchen, adding cork/metallic wallpaper, drop walls with hidden shoe closets and our rock n roll black Schonbek chandelier. Our neighbors downstairs also remodeled…adding an extra bath, a guest bedroom, pivoting dividing walls and instead of relocating the kitchen…they gutted it.  Here’s the same space, done two entirely different ways:

Charlize Theron also bought a place in this building and  I loved the space from the moment that I stepped into it.  It is a corner unit with views of Capital Records, the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory.  It even has a balcony with a fireplace that leads to the pool.  The feel is open, sophisticated and downright “cool”.  No wonder celebrities clamor to rent it out when they are working on movies out here. 

We are  fortunate to live in L.A., where the architectural selection is so vast and neighborhoods so diverse, that you can truly find your slice of heaven here.  I toured this property just the other day located in the Hollywood Hills above the strip.  What a space…its loft-like nature was spectacular, not to mention the inviting pool that greets you from almost every room.  This house just got rented, but will be available soon for $25k/month.  Wow…think of all those artsy parties you could have in this pad…I visualize art installations by the pool and a few Hobley’s and Kirkland’s gracing the walls.

Lofts bring out your “inner child”.  You can unleash your creative energies and express who you are or who you want to be. Remember that blank canvas…Pollock away!

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Contributor’s website: City Style LA

(Image Credits:  1st:, the following photos: the, 2nd and 34d photos: laura pardini, 4rd & 5th photos: staime karakasidis, final home montage photos: brent watson)

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