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You have to pull out all the stops when selling a home.  One key factor is to be able to capture the attention of all those online buyers with show-stopping photos.  Is your audience excited enough within the first few seconds to book that appointment?   Talented photographers who can capture the light and lifestyle of a home are essential.   Anthony Barcelo has been very instrumental in doing just that.  He also has a real estate background, so I think that helps in getting what we need to tell the story.  Anthony says it best:


‘Each home has a unique story to tell. After all, home is where memories are formed and emotions are collected.”


What design trends are you starting to see here in L.A.?
I’ve captured over 400 homes this year, so I’ve been delighted by quite a range of trends and styles across Los Angeles. Every neighborhood has its unique personality reflected in its design, but overall I’m seeing a move away from the minimalist, all-white interior. Homeowners are turning toward dark colors like black, navy and forest green in their kitchens. Color is also on the rise, with designers committing to all four walls as opposed to the single accent wall.

Open floor plans have been popular for some time, but now we’re seeing an open kitchen floor plan where the kitchen seamlessly blends into the outdoor. Inside the kitchen, backsplash tile is becoming ever popular now that floating shelves are the norm revealing more of the wall.
Lastly, with California’s recent drought still lingering on people’s memories, succulents are incredibly popular. The survivalist plant if you will.

What was the most memorable home you shot and why?

The most memorable home I ever captured was the Katy Perry residence. It was my first major celebrity residence, and I knew what was at stake. So I decided to invest in myself, and buy all new gear including camera and lenses. That shoot taught me the importance of investing in yourself. And I continue to do so every year. Oh, and I also shot a Dinosaur this year. That was pretty epic.

Any advice for agents and homeowners before you arrive at the property? 
Prepare for a photoshoot the way you would a special holiday party. Your home is a reflection of you and your family, so give your guests the best possible presentation of how you live.
I like to provide a preparation guide to my clients in advance with a detailed checklist.


What sets you apart?
I really enjoy involving my clients in the creative process of the photography session. My clients know the home well, so I’m very receptive to their interpretation. I’ve found that this transparent process makes the final portfolio even better. Beyond that, I always show up on time, I always deliver in a timely manner and I always bring positive energy to the shoot. For sellers this is an emotional process, so I do my best to respect that.


Has the style of home photography changed?
I’m starting to incorporate more emotional vignettes into my portfolio. Shots that are idyllic for social media, but also break up the monotony of wide angle interiors.

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