Let’s Do This!

Wishing YOU a Happy and Healthy New Year! For many family, friends and clients, 2016 was FULL, my world included. Lots of tears shed and tons of lessons learned. Also, much love shared. Not so fun, yet necessary cracking open. And wow, several unexpected opportunities revealed. As Oprah often says, “When you say YES to life, you are saying yes to life experiences.” So lets do this!

Welcome 2017, which is bound to have more of life’s fullness. In Los Angeles, January is when everything is starting to reboot and take off. From the entertainment biz to the yoga studios to solopreneurs, the hustle is real. Yet, we must stay balanced.


The Holiday break is over. I know your time feels limited. No excuses. Get your body temple back on track efficiently. Feel healthy in all ways. For millions, that means doing a consistent yoga practice.

Since time is of the essence, less talking about it, lets BE about it. Enjoy the following 22 minute yoga video. You will feel the burn in your muscles and bones. You will feel the twisting in your gut (which is cleansing)!

Practice video once to ease into the New Year. Practice 2 or 3 times depending on your wellness goals. Please do a sufficient yoga warm up first to prevent injury. Always listen to what your body needs, period. More isn’t always better. If you are new to yoga, definitely find a trusted teacher to learn from. Yoga videos are best to use as a guide once you know the basics.


I hope you are excited about this New Year. I hope you are excited to see how your yoga practice helps you show up for yourself, loved ones and what you do. I envision its your best year ever.

Upcoming Yoga Events with Cindi Lee

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