Let go of “bag-lady” fears

Lakshmi and Ganesh
Lakshmi & Saraswati
Lakshmi & Saraswati

Lakshmi is the “it girl” of India. She attracts good fortune, prosperity and abundance. Generous and beautiful, her mission is for us to be happy here on earth. She is your spiritual career coach when you need guidance to find your true path and meaningful work that also draws in money. Her name means goal or aim and she aims to make you rich. What’s important to note is that she is wise enough to know that wealth alone does not create lasting happiness – it must be accompanied by spirituality and a sense of personal accomplishment.

Searching for your soul mate?
Lakshmi protects relationships and helps you find someone special.

House hunting?
Lakshmi has a real talent for finding people their dream home.

Lakshmi at ABC Home in NYC

Lakshmi is all about more.
She brings you more of everything: money, time, knowledge and opportunities, but you can’t have it unless you ask for it. She can’t read your mind and if you are lazy and not willing to put in the hard work she is not willing to bless you with rewards.
Lakshmi Lesson: if you don’t ask you don’t receive.

Lakshmi helps you let go of bag-lady fears about your future. When you are in a fearful state of not knowing and confusion, recite her mantra to remind you to be proactive and create your own destiny, “Om Nameh Lakshmi Namah.”


Lakshmi and Ganesh
Lakshmi and Ganesh

Lakshmi Quick-Tips:

  • she protects and provides for you
  • helps you let go of “bag-lady” fears
  • helps you be more positive and stop worrying
  • uplifts and supports you
  • raises your vibration for meditation
  • protects against money problems
  • creates abundance
  • pair her with Ganesh for extra power

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