LA’s Best Home Maintenance Companies

By: Lisa Ristorucci – Professional Errand Courier
Contributor’s website: Gofer Girls

With all this talk about style, decor and design, it’s time to reveal some behind-the-scenes people who keep those gorgeous homes functioning and looking great. Here are some of Gofer Girls’ old reliables when it comes to home maintenance:
Squeegee Clean:  These window cleaners have been washing our clients’ windows for years. They are reasonably priced, extremely professional and thorough.  No one else gets to touch our windows! Tel: 310-452-7033
ALC Electric: If you are looking for a great electrician, look no farther. When it comes to working with wires, we only call ALC. They get the job done in a professional and efficient manner, and their work is always reliable. Tel: 323-937-9137
The Home Doctor: For everything else, there’s the Home Doc. Owner, Gary Abrams, works with a network of top professionals in their fields in order to assist with everything from recaulking your shower to cleaning your chimney. Tel: 310-948-1717 

So when it comes to home upkeep, now you know who to call!
Contributor’s website: Gofer Girls
Images: Window washer, Window Cleaner West End; Electrician,
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