LA-Style “Go-With-The-Flow” Hair

Written by: Danielle Welch

In an ever expanding sea of individuals, we tend to want something that will help define our own unique sense of style, especially when it comes to living in LA. Classically known for our trendy, chic, easy, go-with-the-flow lifestyle; living in this city there is always a trend whether you choose to follow is up to you. If you choose to do so here are the top 3 hairstyles currently trending in the streets of Los Angeles.

Short Hair Don’t Care–  We got a taste of the semi-short and sweet life with the infamous “Lob” last season, but in true LA fashion ladies wanted to get a little edgier and spice it up. In doing so we now are seeing the chin length bobs making their way across town. We’ve  been seeing a lot of the “short hair, don’t care” trend amongst the red carpets and and fashion shows this season. Margot Robbie, for example. Her short and sweet bob is the ultimate simple and chic haircut. You can have so much fun playing around with this hairstyle wearing it straight and sleek, or give it a slight bend to give it that effortless look.

Bangs are Back and fringe is in! I’m seeing a lot of bangs and fringe play amongst the longer-hair ladies. Which is a fun way to play up the longer locks. Most ladies with long hair always get to this point and ask yourselves, “Should I just chop it off?” (and if thats what you want then go for it, because as I mentioned earlier, short hair is in) But if your answer is “Obviously not, I just spent the last year growing my hair out and can’t commit to short hair” then try out bangs. There are so many variations of bangs:  longer side bangs, fringe, or the piecey bang. I will mention that face shape definitely plays a role in what kind of bangs will best complement you, so be sure to ask your hairstylist what they think is best for you and I must emphasize that communication is key in your consultation.

Keepin’ it Blunt– Blunt haircuts are hot and heavy this season. This haircut has the power and magic to transform your hair and make it appear fresh, healthy and full, especially for my fine hair ladies. However; this hairstyle is totally achievable for my thicker hair ladies as well. The key is to make sure that weight and bulk is taken out and some internal layers are added in. This will help with movement and keep it soft. This cut is also ideal for natural wavy hair, without layers this creates the hair to fall in a way that adds a voluminous feature.

I hope these tips and tricks help, and with these top 3 hair trends amongst the LA scene one is sure to help spice up your look this season.

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