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Let’s face it, FASHION is ART. It can say so much about you and here in Los Angeles, a city known for its iconic fashion sense, style is the name of the game. Get tips on how to mix it up, look your best and stand out from the crowd in our first blog on Street Fashion

Guest Contributor: LJ (Law Jones) 
Theatrical & Promo Writer/Producer

What inspires your sense of style?
I have to say my style is whatever I see and don’t see on other people.  To further explain what I mean – it’s like to have something fashionable and something not fashionable at the same time.

I’m all over the map. I might wanna wear tuxedo pants with an army shirt. Because they don’t mix, but together might make a very cool outfit. I wouldn’t say I’m a hipster because even that style is too hip for me.

Tell us about what you are wearing?

The black Derby Hat is just something I like to wear.  It reminds me of Sherlock Holmes. Once again I’m ripping off an England trend, but the Derby is rarely seen and with the right combo, it can be a good “top off” to a simple outfit.

Yellow Polo Shirt –  Crossroads  Honestly what can’t you find at Crossroads? It’s the greatest store ever.

Jeans (Dark blue) – Urban Outfitters Skinny Jeans – Levi

Boots- Harley-Davidson There’s no other boot I’ll wear. They are the most comfortable bad ass boots you can get. Now I just need a motorcycle to go with them.

Red Plaid Tie – Urban Outfitters strikes again. It’s about moderation. And timing. They don’t sell this tie anymore but I got it because I knew there would come a time to rock it.

Black Suspenders – Macy’s

Why do you like certain brands over others?  I don’t really know the brand of clothes I wear… it’s not my focus. That’s why I mix and match with whatever. I go to Goodwill one minute and H&M the next. So where it comes from doesn’t concern me as much as how cool it is.

Tell me a little about this look?  I’m wearing one of the coolest T-shirts from a company out here in LA, called Kid Dangerous.  They have some clever designs that catch the eye. It’s okay to rock a shirt that’s a conversation starter.

The light tan/grey pants (Skinny Jeans) and red suspenders are from Urban Outfitters.

My blue Kicks are from a Skater company called Huf They were very cheap.  I think I paid maybe 30 bucks after taxes when they were having a sale. I like the way they feel, way more comfortable than Chuck Taylors and not nearly as expensive. 

What was the last clothing purchase you made?
My last purchase was a  Kid D shirt – of two girls sharing an ice cream. Yes… not my most conservative purchase, but it was hot and I thought I needed a white shirt. The girls sharing ice cream really wasn’t the factor.  Strange to say.

What do you see as the latest trend? The latest trend is whatever Europe might be trying out. They are always fashion forward.

How do you define style? Style to me is your personality speaking in clothes. It’s a language that’s universal. And if it’s the right words, then you can converse with anybody.

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photo credits:Shawn Ferjanec

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