Kicking It Old School

Written by:  Jeff Brown- Event Planner
Contributor’s website: Brown Hot Events

Okay, okay, so we get it.  It’s  ALL THINGS techno in the year 2011.  We’re facebooking, emailing, tweeting, Skyping and hyperlinking  just like the rest of you. But there’s one thing for which we refuse to involve Cyberspace – the art of the party invitation.
Some things just shouldn’t be messed with – like the wow and the ahh and the joy of having the postmistress deliver a calligraphy-addressed, over the top PRINTED party invitation to your mailbox. Evites are like nails on the chalkboard – the world’s longest nails, and the world’s biggest chalkboard.
Summons your guests with style and sassiness.  

We guarantee that custom invitations set the tone for the entire party – don’t undersell how fabulous your event will be, nor deny invitees the experience of receiving something in the mail worth opening that’s not the light bill. 

Simple is a start – just evoke a creative graphic designer to choose the best font found. Make it interesting with bright colors, varied fonts and unusual sizes.
Or go crazy and send your croquet guests their own starter set as the SAVE THE DATE – complete with acrylic encased faux sod and engraved text.     

And follow up the event with equally snazzy thank you notes. 
Email can be evil – don’t chase away your guests by adding to their inbox.

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Contributor’s website: Brown Hot Events

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