Insomniac Clowns, Undead Sailors and Angry Walkers

By: Chaton Anderson- Writer
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October is one of the best months of the year in Los Angeles. The tourists thin out, the waves get a little bigger and the Halloween vibe is everywhere. As the entertainment capitol, we reap the benefits of being home to amazing costume designers, makeup artists and actors who make the city’s haunts some of the best and most theatrical.

The Blum House of Horrors is the brainchild of Jason Blum, the producer of the Paranormal Activity series, Insidious and Sinister—so you know it’s going to freak you out in an unparalleled way. This interactive haunted house takes place in the five-story, 88-year-old Variety Arts Theater, formerly known as “The Playhouse.” The old building is a slice of LA history—in addition to its long history of hauntings, many entertainment great including Clark Cable and Laurel and Hardy performed there. Super talented, creepy actors give you an intense tour of the theater and its evil workings backstage while they tell the story of a dark magician with a murderous past. You get so immersed in the experience and the acting is so good, you’ll seriously doubt what’s real and what’s not.

The Walking Dead: Dead Inside at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights is a gory and epic tour of a post-apocalyptic world that feels just like you’ve stepped into one of the show’s iconic sets. The walkers rock the same character zombie makeup used on the series, so you’ll recognize creatures like “The Well Walker” and “Bicycle Girl” as you embark upon Rick Grimes’ journey, starting with the classic hospital door marked, “Don’t Open, Dead Inside.” This fully immersive experience is extremely well-done, from the putrid stench of dead bodies and splattered brains to the half-eaten horses and horde of zombies carrying body parts and intestines.

One of Southern California’s most famous haunted locations is The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, which gives visitors a morbid take on the permanently moored cruise ship. Inspired by the ship’s eerie mythology, a motley cast of 250 characters haunt the six mazes that are tied to its tragic legend. 

Undead sailors, mutated monsters and psychotic inmates lead you through a medical-ward-gone mad, a haunted seaside town and a swimming pool filled with fog. Dark Harbor is simply a classic that everyone should visit at least once.

A fun thing to do before dinner or drinks in Santa Monica is to hit up the Paranoia haunted attraction, a tour of three mazes located on the third level of Santa Monica Place. While it’s more of a PG-13 experience, there are some seriously scary moments and the decorations are pretty cool. The Infirmaryis filled with characters who will make your skin crawl. The Insomniac Clown Playhouse features freaky tunnels that will seriously creep you out if you have a clown phobia—and even if you don’t. Granny’s Manor of Mayhemis tamer but there’s a random cameo from what appears to be Michael Myers and what every haunted house needs—a photo opp.  

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Contributor’s Website: Fusion Integrated

Image Credits: 1st pic: Pretty in Pink Sucks, 2nd pic: Blum House of Horrors, 3rd pic: Halloween Horror Nights, 4th pic: Hollywood Gothique, 5th pic: T. Edward Design, 6th pic: Paranoia Halloween

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