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smoking incense

Do you want your incense to merely smell good or do you want it to do magic? For magic you must light powdered incense and put clear intentions out into the universe. How do you do this? Light a charcoal brick inside a cauldron and sprinkle the powder on top. Each type of incense has its own power and intent. Smoke is the vehicle that dispatches your wishes and dreams to the universe.


smoking incense
smoking incense

: it is a powerful tool dating back 6000 to 8500 years to ancient Hindu texts or Vedas. The trend spread to Greece and Rome when Babylonians wafted incense sticks during prayers. Peddlers along the Silk Route turned incense sales into big business when various techniques, multiple flavors and a variety of styles became accessible. The famous trade route changed its name to the Incense Route.


incense cauldron in China
incense cauldron in China


We light incense to make a room smell heavenly. More importantly we light it for spiritual reasons. Each scent vibrates at a different level, so we light incense to raise our vibration.

Sandalwood – Real South Indian sandalwood vibrates with Ganesh to remove obstacles, bless new beginnings and attract prosperity.

Sage – A leaf associated with American Indians that protects against evil, purifies sacred spaces and promotes wisdom. Remember that sage clears a space, but you must add blessing energy back with another incense.

Frankincense – A resin from the Boswellia tree. Comes from the French word “francencens” it creates a sacred space and provokes spirituality. Popular in Judaic, Christian and Islamic faiths.

Money Draw – a Wiccan blend that increases finances. The first level of money manifestation when you need to draw money quickly.

John the Conqueror – another Wiccan blend that clears negative energy as well as assists with success in legal matters. This is my go-to for paranormal cleansing.

Anita lighting incense in Hong Kong
Anita lighting incense in Hong Kong

To pick up your magical supplies and get started sending your prayers faster to heaven, visit the Good Karma Shop for a selection of private recipe incense. For incense lighting questions ask Anita at

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