In escrow and nowhere to move to? Now what?

My first piece of advice…breathe!  The escrow process always feels a bit like jumping on a roller coaster ride due to the wide range of emotions that naturally takes place.   The process involves securing the deal…which sometimes takes longer these days, then negotiating any repairs once you’re in escrow, then dealing with the brain that ultimately takes over with all these mind games – what are the buyers thinking, why did they ask for that, etc.  You would think it might be easier on agents when we sell our own homes, but for many of us, we go through the same process, especially if we have remodeled the home and have a certain connection to it.

One item that often gets overlooked in the midst of all the turmoil is where do I move to next if I haven’t bought a home yet?  We ran into that with the recent sale of our home in Venice Beach.  Instead of freaking out about it, we approached the next step without hesitation.  We just wanted to be in a temporary nicely furnished place with lovely ambiance that provided a refuge to catch our breathe.  We thought of it almost as a staycation. I hopped on the computer and began the search.  I approached it calmly and was definitely open to divine inspiration.  As luck would have it, we did find a place in Hollywood that fit the bill.  Mind you, I opened the parameters to various neighborhoods for it wouldn’t be a forever home so we had to be practical in the search.

My husband and I hopped in the car and drove over to look at a listing that caught our eyes called Villa Carlotta.   As it turns out, we both loved it the moment we saw the building and stepped in the lobby! We asked for the application and booked it on the spot.  Good thing…they were at capacity shortly there after.  Another lesson here is don’t wait and think you can take your time and it will be available later.  If you like something, go check it out and be ready to move. I’ve always been infatuated with 1920’s Hollywood glam and this place is the definition of that.  As a matter of fact, legend has it that Louella Parsons penned her famous gossip columns from one of the 2 story courtyard apartments. You immediately get a sense that this was exactly the type of place that Hollywood celebrities back in the day would be drawn to and call home.

Across the way from Villa Carlotta on Franklin there is a street that reminds me of New York.  There is a vintage book/album store, a magazine store, unique and trendy restaurants with outdoor cafes, a comedy club and some boutiques.  So cool and convenient and right across the way!

Villa Carlotta literally took my breathe away the moment I saw it.  The architectural elements, the details of the craftsmanship, the interior design and the courtyard and pool setting really can’t be beat.  As a San Francisco native, I naively thought that this is what buildings in L.A. were supposed to look like (blame it on “Beverly Hills 90210”!), but unfortunately a lot of these gems no longer exist due to neglect or developers just tearing them down for cheaper replacements devoid of personality.

There has been a lot of photo shoots here for good reason.  This little jewel of a building takes on a persona of it’s own in any photo.

Welcome to our new temporary digs.  If you’d like more information on this place, just reach out.

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Photo credits: and @villacarlottala

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