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By: Laura Pardini – Realtor
Contributor’s website: CityStyleLA

In order to sell a home, there should be a natural warmth that it exudes.  Empty houses especially need that love!  That’s why stagers are key.  I’ve personally seen average looking homes turn into real show pieces after a talented stager gets their hands on them.  I’m often told by my clients, following a staging installation, that they had no idea their homes could look that great. While writing this piece, I asked the question – Who is the stager to those high end estates, to those celebrity style homes that we so desire?  One name came up time after time…Meridith Baer.

Meridith Baer

Meridith’s staging is chic, sophisticated and appears effortless.  As a former screenwriter, she applies her talents to set the stage for a very important scene… the first time the buyer steps through the front door.  She walks into a house and imagines who would live there and who would buy it? She then makes up characters and decorates for them. Do they have a large art collection? Will they be hosting fabulous cocktail parties?  Will they need a screening room to preview their movies?  Meridith’s goal is to realize the fantasy.  She is naturally creative, has a great eye for detail and must be a mad shopper – take a look at her warehouse…

Following is an interview that I did with Meridith so we can gain a little more insight into what it takes to be a successful stager.  


How did you get started in staging? I suppose I have been doing it my whole life without knowing what it was.  Then I helped a friend sell his home by putting my personal furniture, accessories and plants in his house.  It sold immediately in multiple offers for a half million over asking!  One real estate broker after another asked me to do it for them.

What inspires you?  Just about everything.  A fire going in the fireplace, my garden, texture, natural and ambient light – the way it moves and changes the way everything looks and feels. Quiet, my cat purring, shades of white, glass and ceramics, texture, sunrise and sunset, a big bowl of lemons, people laughing, men at work, random acts of kindness, and Jill Sander clothing…

Do you have some key tips?  Always be moving your things around, look at it differently.  If you don’t love it anymore, paint it, sell it or give it away.  Keep it simple.

What do you see as the latest design trend?  No question about it.  The latest trend is “transitional”, traditional marries contemporary.  The look of the moment takes what used to be French, a little Italian, a little English and add two cups of contemporary.

See Meridith in the NY Times Magazine video click here

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(images: all interior home and warehouse photos: Meridith Baer, Jill Sander clothing pictures: kimair.blogspot.com)

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