By: Alanna Zabel – Yoga Instructor
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Mantra:  I Am Fast
Exercise:  Juice Fasting

Spring is rolling in, and it is time for a little Spring cleaning! This blog includes all the information that you will need to participate in The One Day Detox hosted by AZIAM Yoga. My friends and I have been participating in this one day juice fast every first Sunday of the month for six months now, and we are feeling GREAT! All you have to do it to clear the day (any day), download the yoga and meditation sessions and follow along. Whether you decide to participate in this one day fast simply for a physical detox, to clear your magnetic fields, or to help shift our global energies towards peacefulness, they are all one in the same and I hope very much that you join us.

Our mantra for this event is “I Am Fast”. Besides the obvious juice fasting reference, I want to stress one particular result of juice fasting. That is an increased amount of energy. This can be intense for some, and I felt that a warning was appropriate. It is most beneficial to rest and simplify your day when you are fasting. In this way, all of that increased energy will re-direct back into your being, to be used for healing and restoration. Imagine that energy like money in your bank. You can either spend it quickly, or you can invest it intelligently. I am not judging either choice, because, hey – I love an impromptu night out for a nice dinner with friends, or even wandering over to see what’s left at Fred Segal’s Spring Sale…but just make sure that you choose wisely according to what you need.

In addition to the ten-minute yoga video and thirty-minute audio meditation, I have also included a few words with nutrition expert, Ryan Culver and a basic itinerary for the day. The itinerary includes a list of ingredients that we suggest. You will basically be able to custom design your detox according to your personal constitution and needs. For example, if you have sugar related issues, I recommend fasting on vegetable juices only.

I recommend juicing vs. fasting solely on water.  The latter is more difficult and can be very depleting. For your one day fast, I prefer you to build, to nurture, to heal, and to add positive fuel to your bodies and the world. Fasting on nothing is incredibly powerful for increasing self-awareness and for connecting to your spiritual source, but it can be dangerous without proper supervision. Be sure to contact your personal physician before attempting to fast.

Feel free to invite all of your friends to join you in The One Day Detox – the more people that we have fasting, the more positive energy that we will be able to contribute to our world. Please feel free to email any questions to info@theonedaydetox.com.

Here is your complimentary ten-minute yoga session which focuses on flowing and twisting. Twists massage our internal organs and our digestive system, which aids the body in detoxification. 

This thirty-minute meditation is superb to download to your iPod or computer for an instant de-stressor!

Here are some great suggestions from nutrition expert, Ryan Culver – including his product recommendation, Treasure Tea.  

Treasure Tea contains several powerfully cleansing herbs, including Jatoba (used for energy and stamina), Una de Gato (enhances the body’s natural defense system), Tahari (fortifies and purifies the blood), Chanca Piedra (provides nutritional support for proper kidney and liver function and helps the removal of gall stones and kidney stones), Chuchuhuasi (a tonic for common joint discomforts), and Stevia (balances blood glucose levels and also gives the tea a naturally sweet flavor). This tea is known as “The Nourishing Beverage”. It is known to clean & flush out toxins from your body’s systems, improve digestion, balance your entire body and support your immune system. It does not contain caffeine.

The One Day Detox itinerary:
What you will need:
•    28 oz of juice (7oz Orange or Grapefruit, 3oz Apple, 4oz Carrot & 7oz *Veggie mix)
•    Lemon juice or whole lemons
•    Raw ginger or ginger tincture
•    Raw honey
•    Powdered greens mix (We suggest Vitamineral Greens)
•    Bee pollen (unless you are allergic to bee products)
•    Fasting tea, chamomile tea, or our recommended Treasure Tea
•    Organic Veggie soup broth
•    Yoga mat
•    Castor Oil
•    Loofah scrub and soap


8:30am:  *lemon/ginger/honey tincture chased with a full glass of water
8:45am:  AM meditation
9:15am:  tea with honey
9:30am:  30-60 minute walk
10:30am:  juice #1 (orange based w/ one scoop VM Greens and one scoop bee pollen)
10:45am:  *castor oil body treatment
12pm:  yoga (from video or a class locally that you enjoy)
1:15pm:  nap
2:15pm:  *lemon/ginger/honey tincture
2:30pm:  juice #2 (apple/carrot based w/ one scoop VM Greens and one scoop bee pollen)
2:45pm:  nap / read / rest
4:30pm:  tea with honey
5pm:  30-60 minute walk
6pm:  juice #3 (veggie based w/ one scoop VM Greens)
6:30pm:  PM meditation
8pm:  *veggie soup broth
9pm:  tea with honey
9:30pm:  sleep

*  soup broth mix:  warm 8 oz of organic veggie soup broth.  Add miso, cayenne or tumeric to flavor, if desired.

* castor oil body treatment:  standing in your shower with the water turned off, cover your body in castor oil.  Massage the oil into your lymphatic centers (under arms, abdomen and hips).  Leave oil on for 10-20 minutes while in the hot steam and water.  Using a salt scrub, and/or simply a shower loofah and soap, wash the thick oil off of your body.  Bathe as usual.

* lemon/ginger/honey mix:  2 tsp of lemon juice, 1 tsp of ginger juice or tincture and 1 large tbsp of honey mixed in 2 oz of hot water.

* veggie juice mix:  a mixture of spinach, celery, kale, beets, parsley, carrots, etc. (it is most ideal to have freshly squeezed juices.  If you have a juicer at home, please take advantage of this. If you do not, it is easy to buy fresh squeezed juices at your local health food store).

If you have sugar related issues, ie: candida, mold-related conditions or diabetes, please juice every juice as a veggie mix.  Also use a candida resistant honey such as Manuka honey.  It is a bit more expensive, but definitely worth it!

 “What the eyes are for the outer world, fasts are for the inner.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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