How Fashion Can Positively Impact Mental Health

Did you know that taking the extra five minutes to put yourself in a stylish outfit can increase your endorphins, confidence, and productivity?  I often have clients who feel in a rut and are tired and even embarrassed about wearing the same daily uniform.  After working with me, my clients report being more excited to get ready each day.  This excitement to display yourself to the world will boost your endorphins, making you more productive and energetic at work and in your social life.  Have you ever been excited to go somewhere for the sole fact that your outfit was too good to sit in your closet?  This is my exact point!  If part of your 2020 resolution involves feeling good while looking good, you’ll want to read the helpful tips below.

Now for someone who hates to shop, it may be daunting to think of a stylish outfit for the next 365 days.  My favorite way to keep my clients motivated to dress their best every day is to create a lookbook.  A lookbook is a collection of photos that display head to toe outfits in your closet.  This way you can spend some extra time in bed while you scroll through your lookbook and pick out your outfit.  Preparation is key!  Below is an example of a Lookbook that I created for my client.

If you enjoy the creativity of fashion, then having a stylist pre-plan your wardrobe may not be for you.  If you prefer to change your outfits based on trends, I would recommend creating an outfit inspiration board.  I love to scroll on Instagram and Pinterest to see which trends catch my eye.  Then, I save those photos for when I need fashion inspiration.  Similar to the lookbook, your outfit inspiration board can be on your phone so you can choose the trend you would like to emulate before you head into your closet.  Take a look at a past fashion inspiration board that I created for my client.

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Lookbooks and outfit inspiration boards are easy ways to have a successful style; however, you must have an organized closet.  Take a look at my previous blog post, “Your Easiest New Year’s Resolution Yet!,” to find quick and easy ways to organize your closet.  The reason I harp on having and maintaining an organized closet is that once your closet in order, you can work on putting yourself in order.

Next time your alarm goes off and your pre-coffee brain tells you to throw on the same pair of jeans you wore the day before, use your lookbook or fashion inspiration board to change your style and your mood.  There is a positive impact on your mental health when you put yourself together in the morning.  You’ll feel more confident, ambitious, inspired, happy, and your energy levels will be higher than normal.  When you feel amazing your endorphin levels rise and you may even be excited about that Monday morning meeting.  A new year has just begun, so make sure to start on a good note and put your best outfit forward!

Written by: Caitlin Jaymes   

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