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Creating a great home is a little bit like discovering a great recipe, a hidden treasure – when the right ingredients come together in a delicious dinner recipe, you want to hold on to the magic and invite family and friends over to enjoy it together. Great interior design is not a snap ….not quick and easy like Ikea but not as difficult as some design mavens make it out to be. Regardless of cuisine or your particular taste….the right ingredients will go a long way to help you create the perfect home…. Here are  few key ingredients from 45 Three Modern Vintage, if you season to taste… these tips will give your home a delicious and unforgettable aroma…..

1) Start with good bones….

Choice cuts in meats are so important to a good meal becoming great…. the same is true with good design. Good bones and good lines in your key pieces (sofa / chairs) will take you a long way to the good becoming great.  If you have a piece that has all the right bones and loads of comfort but dated fabric perhaps you may just need to update…. don’t hesitate to find a great upholsterer and refinisher who can help your vision come alive with amazing fabric that allows a piece to live through another family generation. If you discover a bed or sofa that you absolutely love…but cant’ afford… find a great place that can reproduce it. We offer these services at 45 Three Modern Vintage.

2) Stir in a few design styles….
A pinch of the eclectic makes everything yummy. I find mid century slightly boring without  Aunt Edith’s tufted chair or grandma’s reborn settee thrown in to add additional flavor.
3) Heaping of books, books everywhere…. 
A well lived home should be shared with many favorite books …. They are my new and distant friends from far away places and foreign lands….they share your passions, your intellect and preferences.
4) A thoughtful portion of artwork that moves you…. 
As much as I respect and follow my favorite designers (and I’ve been known to be a stalker…. ) I have always wondered how people could turn over their homes completely to another person…. For me, a hunter from childhood, finding those precious pieces are what makes my home such a haven a good memories. It’s not just the piece… it’s the hunt for the piece.  Although I love the portrait from that flea market in the 3rd Arrondissement…..When I see it I remember the café au lait sipped moments before turning the corner and Voila!  
These treasures  bring back instant memories….
Soon you will find yourself with a collection of pieces that have been carefully selected and reflect your style, flare and wonderful memories… When you see this start to boil… Add plenty of friends and let simmer.
Dinner is served…

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Contributor’s Website – 45 Three Modern Vintage

Image Credits: Rita Konig, Exotic Excess, Sue Timney, C California, MagTrend, Stafford Cliff

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