Hip to Be Square

By:  Paco McCauley – Men’s Fashion Expert
Contributor’s Website: Franklin + Gower
Anytime one evokes the Huey, it’s go time. This time, it’s the pocket square. The what? Ok, the hankey. Mr. Hankey? Noooooo…

The pocket square, in our circles, is taking a run at the tie for perfect compliment to today’s men’s blazer. It can dress you up while you dress down. For example, toss a square into your standard blue blazer, and you can get away with a tshirt underneath. The square steps up the game, shows that you actually give  **** about how you look, and has practical uses (hankey, sunglass wiper, waving off the bull in Pamplona)

What do we do with it? We first start off at Mi Adidas and build a custom pair of Sambas. When those arrive, we head to our secret spots (turnbull and asser in Bev Hills, Massimo Bizzocchi on 14th in NYC) to match the sneaker to the square. Stylists everywhere cringe, but that’s only because they didn’t think of it first.  

Around us? No pocket square? No dice.

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Contributor’s Website: Franklin + Gower
Image credits:  Turnbull and Asser( credit: Mr. Porter.com), Tom Ford. (credit: Tiedeals.com), Spicoli ( credit: principalspage.com)
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