Hawaii, the new Costa Rica

By Natalie Compagno – Travel Expert
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What does that mean exactlly?”, I ask a customer who has just stated that Hawaii is the new Costa Rica. Is that like 40 is the new 30? I discover that it means Hawaii is on an upswing. People are travelling there for eco-tourism, fun, adventure and easy, no-hassle travel. “Why can’t Hawaii be the new Hawaii?”, I ask. I mean, has it ever fallen off the map? It has been a state since the fifties no less and Californians have been flocking there along with the rest of the world ever since (and even before).

My question is not deemed worthy of a reply. That’s OK. I am just happy to hear that Hawaii has made it back on traveler’s lists as a destination of choice. And why not? It’s gorgeous, a mix of polynesian and asian culture different than our own, an easy quick plane flight there – non-stop – and part of the U.S. for easy money conversion. A dollar is a dollar in Hawaii. At least it’s worth something somewhere. Aloha to that.

Here’s some of my favorite spots on the lush island of Kauai.
Feeling part of the world and one with nature while snorkeling. Poipu beach or Kuhio Shores are the best.

Talk Story. An amazing indie bookstore with rare finds, lots of books about Hawaiian culture and some unavailable on the mainland.

Small Town Cafe – a place to lose time in while sipping on some kona coffee.

Best shaved ice hands down. Or up as it were. Jo Jo’s in Hanapepe.

A romantic oasis and delicious dining experience, Plantation Garden.

A rare chance to see an albatross up close.

Bring home a sensuous part of the islands in a bottle- perfume to entice “Saffron James” (also available at Nordstrom)

Poipu Beach is so special and now this boutique hotel combines luxury with intimacy right on the water. Ko’ a Kea Hotel & Resort

To prep for your trip, these books will give you the best all-around information. Available at Travel Books.

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Contributor’s Website:  Traveler’s Bookcase

(image credits: Sea Turtle www.homeaway.com, Talk Story bookstore www.talkstorybookstore.com, Small Town Coffee Shop www.lonelyplanetimages.com, Jo Jo’s Shaved Ice, Plantation Garden Restaurant (Emilystyle blogspot), Albatross 1 and 2  www.albatrosskauai.com, Saffron James Perfume https://saffronjames.com/shop/eau-de-parfum, Ko’a Kea https://www.koakea.com/guest-rooms-suites/, Books)

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