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As a Realtor, I naturally come across people facing an array of emotions.  Typically they are at a new juncture in their lives and I just happen to find myself right there in the thick of it with them.  I have come to realize that we as humans are more universal than we think, but it’s how we deal with situations and emotions that make us so very different.  Some are more successful and happier than others for sure.  And there is a reason.

Which leads me to a podcast I listened to this morning with David Bach, my financial guru and his guest; Marie Foleo on her new book: Everything is Figureoutable.   The premise is: If you put your mind to it, you can figure it out.
photo courtesy of: marieforleo.com
The following notes are excerpts from the podcast that I found very inspiring and life changing, so I thought I’d share with you.
Define the goal.  Write down your goal and the roadblocks to that goal.  Be aware of F.U. thinking that may pop in your head.  Work on figuring it out.  Make a list on how to achieve your goal, step by step.  If you are in a relationship, do the list together.  Shift to a team and solution mode. Be aware that you will awaken your innate power – that inborn wisdom.  Be more creative and resourceful in facing obstacles.
How do I start? Watch your own beliefs!  Powerful words are the words you say to yourself.  Fear is a natural response. How about taking a different frame of mind on the notion of fear by walking thru scenarios and come up with options.  How about identifying the best case scenarios and moving forward with the dream.
David living his dream working and living in Florence! Photo courtesy of: davidbach.com
What if I change my mind/goal? It’s okay to change your mind.  There is such a thing as the power of positive quitting. Go with your gut. Trust yourself.   Paint your own canvas – you are in charge of the depth and tone you choose!  What do you want to do?
What if I’m not ready?   That’s what people typically say when they’re afraid to pursue their dreams.  Most successful and creative people dive in.  Start before you talk yourself out of going for it.  Then, keep moving forward.  Marie’s quote of the day: Clarity come from engagement, not thought.
Sometimes people can dump on your idea.  How about thanking them for not believing in you; after all that may serve as the flame that fires you up and becomes your F.U. fuel.  Flip that switch – that may be the controversy that makes you even bigger and more successful.
Take out a pen and paper and write it down. Don’t just keep your dreams in your head.  And remember that fear can be your friend  – Marie says it’s the GPS for where your soul wants to go. Do it Dam it!  Trust your internal response to move the right direction.  Forget “excuses” like I have no time, money, etc. – these are considered weeds and should be plucked out!
I personally was inspired by David Bach and how his life reflected those lessons above.  His dream was to live abroad while his kids were still young enough to enjoy the experience as a family.  He encountered a lot of roadblocks along the way such as last minute problems getting a Visa while he was in escrow on his home and ready to leave, but he plowed through it and worked on it together with his wife to make it happen.   It wasn’t easy; they planned and took the steps, but the point is…he is in Florence now and did it!  This morning I read his newsletter that he wrote from Ponte Vecchio!  I love it when people are just not all talk and do it!  In his case very responsibly; figuring out a way to still generate income while abroad and achieve the dream he’s had for a very long time.  Salute David!  and here’s to living “La Dolce Vita!”.
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Header photo: courtesy of David Bach facebook page.
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